King Asmodeus reaching out?

Good day fellow BALG members.

I have an experience to deal with you, and I welcome any advice/interpretations.

Let’s start at the beginning, for most of my life I’ve almost basically always been dominated by two emotions, being lust and anger. Both of which have grown over the years. I’ve had a very bad spade of luck the last couple of years, only from last year 2018,had things started to look out for me in every aspect t of life. Coincidentally also the same time I chose the LHP fully and started my workings etc. I must mention that I’ve been inclined towards the “dark side” since a very young age. From 8 if I recall. One name since I started researching years ago on demons that has always resounded with me was, Asmodeus.

Now without wasting your valuable time any further by writing a biography, here is the thing.
Last night I had a very very strong dream. In the dream there was a very ancient like library, a being that didn’t name himself, but had a very “evil” grin with a long curved type nose and a “old, ancient” face, had boxes on one of the bookshelves, one box read Ashmodai, the other read Asmoday.

Now if my memory serves me correct these are both names of the great King Asmodeus. Now given the life cycle I gave above and the two most dominant contributing emotions in my life, my question is this.

Could this very well be Asmodeus. Asking contact, or reaching out to me now to make contact to him? I’ve always felt inclined towards him but I’ve steered clear given the fact that he is the demon of lust and anger. I felt it might amplify these I myself. And I have enough of both lol. Could it also be that He as been with me most of my life, thus the reasons for the above?

Any comments or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Dark regards


I have been working with some of Asmodi’s demon servants within Lucifer’s Legion, and one of the things that I’ve learned while working with this legion is that though you will have the opportunity to confront and embrace your darkest emotions and parts of your self, you do not have to accept what is already there. With magick, you have the potential to grow and to change.

In order to evolve, you must first know your current state. Know thyself, and you may become who you desire to be. This demon has certainly just reached out to you. The question is, will you answer the call? Do you accept who you are now, or do you desire to learn more and become something greater, a being of great dignity and power?

Explore your desires. Fulfill them, and through this process you will ascend.


Perhaps, you have lust and anger, but a demon does not teach you what you know. Consider it a new perspective to what you may now consider negative the demon considers beneficial.


Thanks for the comment.! Funny thing is though, I don’t consider those two negative at all… I actually thrive off both of it, it’s like food for soul if that makes sense… I would go so far as to say that if it was eliminated completely from my being, I would honestly have a very mundane and monotonous existence. Anger is a very motivational instinct for me. I think the very best way to handle this is to get in touch with Asmodeus and to find out these questions, if any. Dark regards