King Asmoday

A few months ago, I opened a Sigil for King Asmoday to help me with my business

My cash situation was helped a little, but more importantly Asmoday made to take charge of my finances - something I had been neglecting for a while, but was essential that I take care of it


Asmoday is great!

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Totally, lol.

In the reading I just got from Lady Eva, it was mentioned to me that I should watch for latent outgoing funds, as in useless trivialities I shouldn’t be spending money on anyway.

Tighten up your ship, plug up your vessel, lest it sink.

Asmoday is the guardian of treasures, so he probably doesn’t want you wasting your hard earned money on trivial things that could go to better uses!

He’s a dragon, hoarding his treasures.


Thats a point I should seriously think deeper about in my own life. I kinda spend half of my wage in such trivialities, where by trivialities you read chocolate and beer, some chips here and there…


Haha sounds like a lot of bus have the same problem.
I’ve been told the same thing.
When I had more money rollin in I would go to the mall or something for one thing I needed and end up leaving with 20 things I didn’t lol.

I can’t help it when I walk into places like Athena’s (the closest thing we have to an occult shop here in B-town IN) and need a dozen crystals,candles,and a couple of new athame lol.

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I used to do that, I like crafting as a hobby and I’d go on eBay and buy something that was “just” £1.89, then another thing that was “just” £2.75, and so on, I could rip through £20 that I’d normally hesitate to spend in one go, very easily in an hour or less.

I’m normally really good at managing money, better than anyone I know in fact, but the small numbers (and ease of buying that way) made it seem like less of an issue… I’ve well and truly seen through that now and put a stop to it, but it’s incredibly easy to overspend when you don’t have a plan.

The best thing to do if you’re ready to take control is to set a percentage of your income aside the moment it’s cleared of any taxes and essentials like rent & mortgage, so say 10% towards occult books, courses, trainings etc., and maybe another 10% for stuff that’s in the “Want, don’t need” category, whatever that is for you, and so on.

And that 10% stacks up really quick, no matter how low your income is right now - if you have time, figure out what you’d have today at 10% if you’d started saving on January 1st this year, you’ll probably be pretty amazed and see that (for example) it would have been more than enough to buy something that, right now, you want but are unable to just go out and purchase.

T. Harv Eker looks like a dodgy second-hand car salesman but his book Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind is full of really good strategies for managing money - you actually end up with more abundance over time by not letting it trickle mindlessly away and instead focusing your wealth on the areas where it makes the most difference, and he actively encourages you to set up a “just for fun” fund that goes on things you don’t need, but do want.

And he doesn’t lay it on too heavily, but he implies that taking control means you get the cosmic forces of attraction and abundance on your side once you start acknowledging that money has power and that you’re now going to take it seriously, and focus your attention on building it up instead of letting it trickle away.

I’ve used saving by percentages (with a few small slips) most of my adult life and it’s the reason why, even when my income was less than half that of some of my friends, I was always the one with savings and a fund for things that interested me at the time, so I never had to say “I wish I could afford that” - because I either could, or was saving for it, or probably didn’t really want it.

I’m not talking about private jets or gold-plated limos, but books and whatever… making sure you plug those little money leaks means you have money to invest in the things that matter. Boring :stuck_out_tongue: but true!

If your “occult supplies” fund is a set amount that you’ve been paying into, it’s less tempting to spend from that on things that look great but which you don’t NEED, whereas if there’s just an undifferentiated pool of “money I have this month” it’s easier to justify buying stuff because it looks relatively small compared to your overall income.

Oh and also make every decision a binary decision like I wrote about here - is this going to take you closer to, or further from, whatever your goals might be?

Okay done with the lecturing but Asmoday’s right - guard your treasure, it won’t build up any power if you fritter it away. :wink: