Is there anyone here with legitimate experience with actually non-physically affecting the elements? I hate to use the term “bending” but it is rather convenient haha.

I’ve been practicing for about 3 weeks now with a candle to try and do it with fire and very very slowly but surely I’m improving. I was an absolute natural with air, although maybe that’s because of all the “storm” working stuff I’ve done, and I haven’t actually tried water or earth.

I’ve gotten a good feel for the vibe of fire, as far as I can tell it’s the feeling of raw passion in your aura and if you’re not in a very passionate state it’s kind of difficult to just bring up (although yes I know as a magician I should have complete control over that sort of thing). With air I don’t need to bring up any emotion at all, if anything it’s like the absence of emotion that lets me influence it. It also seems like you don’t have to “merge” your aura with air as much as you do fire. To get the fire bending to actually work I have to reach an astral tendril out and feel the flame as a part of my being perfectly without losing any focus.

Does anyone know what the progress is like to get to a point where I could extinguish a fully lit candle or actually get the flame to dance from the candle onto my palm or something? Are we talkin years? Because it feels like it’ll be years haha.

And for people who want advice, let me say, don’t strain yourself, 10 minutes a day is enough if you’re going at it intensely enough, and honestly if you feel psychically overloaded just take a day off. It’s actually putting a LOT of strain on your psychic muscles. That is unless I’m doing it completely wrong and I should be more relaxed about the whole thing.

Hoping somebody reads this who actually knows what I’m talking about with the aura and energy stuff…

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Pyrokinesis is one of those things that you have to work with every single day for years to get decent at. It would be a lot easier to call up krehl’a’teral and allow him to teach it to you… but once you master it you’re bound to never use it to light cigarettes and things that are not “worthy”

You can try the black egg meditation, its originally from the book the Bible of the Undying. You take a room paint it completely white and set an egg painted black on a white altar. There you focus solely on the egg for an hour a day until you can manipulate it with your will.

I know a magician who modified this meditation and just uses a ping pong ball painted black and places it on a sheet of white paper and focuses his will at moving the ball for an hour a day, he follows this up with willing out a candles flame. He says he has been able to roll the ball a few inches and extinguish the flame but results are hit or miss. He explained that you have to be very diligent in both meditation regimens to see results (took him an hour a day for 6 months to see any results). He said he uses these meditation exercises more as a workout for manifestation than the actual moving of the ball or snuffing the candle.

Sifu Cedric Greyson of the Silent Warrior Association/Woo Fai Cheng System released videos circa 2004 of extinguishing a candle with chi energy only. I have not been able to locate those videos on the Internet and haven’t spoken with Sifu Greyson in years. He keeps a low profile. I messaged one of my former kung fu brothers in hopes of obtaining these videos. We were making progress in the area of chi manipulation and chi strikes. Unfortunately I moved from MI in 06 have not continued my formal training. I will do a little more digging and see if I can come up with those videos and some exercises.