Kind of losing hope

Hi All,

I am kind of losing hope as nothing is working
for me. What brought me to BALG was love spell. But later on I decided to explore magick in other areas of my Life too.

But nothing seems to be working,
Lovespell didnt work even I hired someone to do it for me.
I decided to move on and concentrate on my career, no career progress seems to be happening, no awards inspite of delivering strategic projects.
There was an overseas business travel, however that didnt materialise as well.

I dont know what to do…where do i go from here.


Hi, Rish!
I totally get the feeling!

YouTube has a lot of subliminal videos.

(above love, etc.)

These are a good place to start, don’t cost anything and do not require a lot of materials, etc.

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Thank you Enlightener…hope things get better for me :slight_smile:

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Understand your frustration @Rish but as one of the earliest lessons is to do the work and then forget it i think it sounds like you are a linjering on the result and dont completly letting it go.
Having my Self hired Magicians in the past rondo work that didnt manifest i can tell 2 things, 1 there are charlatans out there make No misstake do If you pay for work done then you should be really surtant on the person you hire, second even If someone else does the work its not sure it Will come to pass for a bunch of reasons.

Ive been doing magic on and of for many years and got more serious once i found Balg and that was out of desperation.
Once i came here i decided to start over and reevaluate what i know and what ive learned before to walk the lhp insteed of rhp. My main goal was to save someone which i failed with, not since the effort wasnt there or the magic wasnt strong enough but the obstacle was bigger and couldnt be beaten.
But even thou i ”failed” with my task it wasnt a complete lose since i also asked for help and guidance for myself and ive learned to accept the outcome and reevaluate that and see i couldnt win that fight.
Me to have done work to help with work and it does so but it to take time. Rome wasnt build during a day.
As for lovespells which ive also did after a hard breakup Well it didnt get the girl back but it brought me someone way better and i didnt even thought that was possible.
Chin up and keep up the work and you Will see results. It may not allways come in the form you antocipated thou(:

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For what purpose do you wish to use magick? Selfish material gains like most people here? Or for enlightenment?

Look, this path is a lot about try and fail. Many, if not mostly magicians had failed in perform magik when beginning. And you have to keep trying. Don’t give up. It’s not a easy path. But you can do it if you keep trying, with determination and will. If you really want to follow the path of magik, work on your astral senses, meditations, to open your 3rd eye and become more sensitive for magik. Try a simple spell at first, like make someone call you, not all spell work for everyone, if doesn’t work try another and another. It’s all about fail and try again. There’s also a lot of type of magik, chaos magik, natural magik… try each untill you find the one. Patience and determination. The two keys words to perfom magik. :wink:
And if you feel comfortable with, there’s also the possibility of summoning entities that could help you with magik.


I will not lie here. I want to be enlightened for sure but at the same time, I want magick to help me with some of my needs.

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I Been into that point in the start of my magical practice,I had nothing,no candles,circles,grimoires etc but nothing just a few things that were papers for sigils and that.

Without books i been able to reach into the heights of the infernal empire,and now as an author who had never readed a magical grimoire physically and never took a grimoire at its limits.

how i did reached that point?

Heres how,literally dive headfirst into hell.
Beelzebub was the one that guided me as a young Teenage black magician in the heights of the infernal empire,i had reached a point of Andvanced demonic,black magick that some people could take years to reach,in just a few months.

How do you make the difference?
No matter how hard you try,meditate and do rituals you will not make a true difference in you or the world around you if you dont dive headfirst into magick,There i letted go of my doubts,fears about magick and just started doing it.

if you dont know what path to take do something that i often people to do.
Sit with yourself,without thoughts,judgments,mind etc just be you and you,There simply feel your higherself,just intent it and ask it to guide you,it may feel again confusing but you must dive deep and start actually doing it.