Killing Greater Spirits

This thread is mainly for advice from the more experienced members.

So, it seems that a higher caliber of spirits has decided to give some special ~attention~ this way.
Sketchy text message, and 8 calls from ‘Restricted’ trying to spook me has me a little… irritable.

Now, the calls and messages, I’ve had occur before, but only with ‘godly’ entities. Mainly from Lucifer, to grab my attention directly, because he’s kind of a badass in getting points across and getting attention that is necessary.

Had a few issues with a ‘bigger’ spirit in the past, but that got resolved by another person in the astral.

Now something else is knocking on the door, and tbh I’m looking for better or alternative methods of elimination. Preferably with extreme prejudice. I’m used to using sigils in mundane interactions, but I’d like to eliminate the issue before potential fuckery ensues, preferably with a lasting impression on onlookers, and that can be done outside of the astral.

The message:

"What lurks in the mines wants you also [my magick name] Pain is to come and fear is its goal. Sickness is the precursor to his attack. He likes you, he wants you, he will take you. Do not sleep in darkness and do not sleep alone. Do not sit with backs facing doors for that will make him more likely to burst in. Victims who are solitary are the easiest prey for my master.

Do you want to see him? Go inside your bathroom with the lights off. The last light you will see is the glimmer of his golden teeth. Grendel hunts you."

And so I went into the bathroom, and there was a deep chuckle. Nothing else transpired.

Any thoughts on taking the fight to them instead of just waiting? This entity either has it’s own plane in the astral, or an ability to create lucid dreams for a person (or both idk).

I ask publicly, and will also tag a few folks, because this topic might help some practitioners in the future :wink: and if I disappear, then we’ll know what doesn’t work lol. But I’m willing to step outside of my comfort zone to do what is needed, so any input is appreciated. I just dont want to go begging stronger spirits for aid.

As I write this, a ball got tossed across my living room, I guess because I am alone and my back is to a door?

Edit: banishing has been done to filter out any minor things just trying to get a rise out of me

@Lady_Eva @Yberion @Qayos @Mulberry


If you find the answer on dealing with your problem, let me know. As far as providing an answer though, unfortunately I cannot give one to you at this time.

I’m responding to you about this because I summoned Lucifer last night and asked to become a vessel of his will. He agreed and now I’ve been initiated by an oath to him, the 72 goetia, and the 9 gatekeepers

He has instructed me to study upon this forum, continue my practices, and gave me my first lesson through my dream.

My dream was two individuals were in battle.
One was unarmed, the other was wielding a sword but was blindfolded. Everytime the armed man cut into the unarmed man, his wounds mended instantly.

I woke up with the words in my thoughts “How can you kill what it is that cannot be killed?”

If you find an answer to that in which you seek; only an acolyte that I am, would be very grateful upon any knowledge you wish to share.

Good luck upon you.
Dark blessings


Try getting an almighty righteous FUCK YOU attitude on, you need to feel it from the soles of your feet upwards, and once you have that, summon it before you, and then command it to be banished forever more, as a snivelling weasel that sits in bathrooms (I mean, wtf? Is it looking for used panties to sniff?), throw epithets of scorn and derision, and mock it, laugh at it, with the most arrogant contempt you can raise. If you find taking a drink or some other recreational stuff helps you get that holy hellfire focus, use that as needed.

This is YOUR fucking universe and YOU hold the key to your soul, your destiny, you are Source incarnate.

Also, I know you say you tried banishing, but try this as well, it’s less well-known but was used around the world in the past: Some Banishing Methods


But from what I’ve read in other posts of similar topic.

I’m thinking you may have to swallow your pride on this one. Summon Lucifer as a mediator between you and the greater spirit and negotiate a truce in agreement or pact.

But that is only my opinion, as you said before. A much more experienced practitioner may have a better idea than myself.


As a related note, Hathor is a goddess of mines and miners, and quite possibly the oldest being we still know of who has this attribute: she is also the Goddess of the West, which means an escort and gatekeeper of the realms of the dead.

So try asking for HER aid, she is immensely powerful and becomes Sekhmet who can scourge planets.

Not a bad idea IMO, I’m putting some suggestions and maybe if other people do the same, it will give @DormiensDei a range of options to choose the one that feels most suitable. :+1:


first some background to “grendel”,

Basically it’s a troll or lesser giant.

haves an extreme weakness towards high pitch noise,
due to his secound weakness: festering ears.

What i recommend you,
is to keep a bell with you,
for example on your key-chain.

you can evoke me, Oberon, to get a fae familiar to watch out and sing loudly when grendel is nearby.

i know,
that sounds like it’s annoying,
and yes it can be,
but it’s definately better than being subject to the attacks.

Once Grendel is actually there,
you want to attack it’s joints and legiments,
so you force the giant down towards the ground,
if you’re attempting to fight him by yourself.

If you prefer summoning,
i recommend flying creatures,
or wearbears,
since they’re less affected of his size and strength attributes.

Anubis or Bastet can provide great wear-creatures,
For flying creatures you’d stick to Belzebub, Azazel or Ziz.

Morgana works for the air-attack aswell,
just make sure to focus either on her dragon, or her raven aspect.

the astral images i get when looking into your situation,
indicate that Grendel is highly poisonus,
and as such,
the poison effects might be worse than his normal hits.

Grind down Charcoal,
and have it ready to be mixxed with water and drunk,
should you actually have to cure yourself from poison.

Should you have any physical wounds,
which turn festering,
either burn them out,
or steralize them otherwise,
as quick as you can.

For what i get,
the main danger is the poison.

the thing with him coming when you’re alone,
is a describtion,
towards him hunting lonely people.

The more lonely you feel,
the easier he can target you.

But that works in reverse too.

Focus your thoughts on your family and beloved ones,
when you sense his presence near you,
and he’ll feel repelled.

He can’t attack,
what isn’t lonely enough,
because he’s aiming based on a frequency you produce with energetic sensation.

the advice to have someone around,
is quite a good one.


Hathor is a reliable source to work with here.

in terms of the blindfolded attacking,
and the target healing without actually being hurt;

Try the following:

if the blind one represents you, DormiensDei,
carve a pentagram on the floor,
and summon the lake of fire into it.

The essence of the Lake of fire,
will absorb whatever attacks you,
and remove it from your place.

(if you feel unsafe with connecting to purgatory directly,
you could techniqually try normal lava instead of infernal fire,
but i doubt it haves the same strength.)

Once you opened the lava pit,
simply lure the opponent into it,
by attacking it,
and jumping back,
moving away from the creature so it comes in towards you.

move around the pit,
until you got it tripping into it,
and if that doesn’t work,
hold the sword inside of the lake of fire,
and invoke satholas or shemyaza to imbue the sword with the hellfire essence.

That should work aswell.




I felt like both are him.


First of all, the calls and sms are from a human, imo, who seems to think Grendel is his/her ‘master’.
My bet actually is it’s an impostor/parasite/;lesser entity putting on airs to play with this ‘master’ and feed off him, but let’s roll with it…

Grendel. Really!? IQ lower than a brick Grendel? Goes apeshit and is “harrowed” over mere singing? No magik, his whole MO is being big and not being all sex-on-legs like his little brother Beowulf. Not well fed as egregoric thoughtforms go, Grendel? … And it’s this losers ‘master’!?
I heard that right, yeah? - an actual occultist thinks an unspirited egregore is in any way his master. The emperor of the infernal himself shouldn’t be his “master”, and he bends over for a fictional character.

That’s pretty fucking funny.
Tells you a lot about what you’re dealing with - fuck all.
So, I actually call parasite, or very good troll and you yourself are manifesting shit for him. (Make sure you’re not doing that - that’s usually the point of telling you about it after all)

I mean, I like the character, it’s cute as hell (when you’re me), but who gives a fuck? It’s nothing. Dissolve it and remove the thoughtform from your version of reality for good. Then bind the pleb who though Grendel was a good idea, for crimes against the thoroughgoing seriousness of the occult.

^ This is fine, fine. I go ‘fuck you with angry nobs on’, because being threatened makes me mad. Fear is one of the few things that switches in me to a good delicious killing rage, and I think that’s a human thing, so use it if you’ve got it.
… In that moment in the bathroom when it’s been told to show itself, that’s perfect, it’s on your turf and your timing and walks right into whatever you set up.

You have so many options, the only limit is your imagination, have fun with it. It’s an egregore it doesn’t have real feelings, so go to town. (Or it’s a parasite, oh well, so sad too bad) Get as sadistic as you like and use it as a practice dummy :smiley:
For ideas have a word with Lae’ti’kohl from the BoA, she’ll set you up permanently.

Do it on as many planes as you can find it in - close/mental astral. your physical space, check your inner landscape in case it wormed it’s way in there,
E.g. you could assume a dragon or hellhound form and get up-close and personal and feed on the bloody, mangled remains of what’s left, or you could go archangelic with armour and flaming swords.
I also like to box the damaged remains in black and lob it through the portal at the heart of the sun into the black hole at the center of the galaxy - that disintegrates what’s left so it can’t reform it’s pattern. If it’s remade, it no longer exists in your version of the multiverse so you don’t care.


[Everything Wrong with] The message: [In Five Minutes or Less]

…as unpacked by a bad berry.
This is the magickal practice of “diminishment” to reduce an opponents power. 'Tis the current of headology. Also I’m in that sort of mood. :smile:

:clown_face: "What lurks in the mines wants you also [my magick name]

Wants you as well as… what… or who!? Incoherent sentence that gets an F in middleschool English class… great start! We already know we are not dealing with a genius. Unless the genius is in pretending to be a poorly read n00b to throw you off your guard… let us look for more clues :slight_smile:

:clown_face: Pain is to come and fear is its goal.

That’s not really how it works. This SMS has fear as it’s goal already, the pain should he threatened as much as possible to build fear, and fear happens in the waiting in between. Once the action starts that tool is much less effective.

  1. N00b is shit at mindfucking, pretty sure they not only never did it before, they didn’t bother to google it either
  2. This is obviously supposed to sound all uber-dramatic and ominous. But it’s SO exaggerated it’s literally satirizing itself

Sickness is the precursor to his attack.

They wish. Prolly shouldn’t have told you then, should they? Get to the gym, take extra vit C and D3, cleanse and balance your energy… don’t fall for the old ‘do it to yoursefl trick’ - you’re gong to end up healthier than when this started

He likes you, he wants you, he will take you.

Not gonna lie, that’s hot. :blush: Notice me, senpai!

Do not sleep in darkness and do not sleep alone.

Cliche horror move trope. Someone really needs to watch less TV. I’m starting to be embarrassed for them, actually. No, really.

Do not sit with backs facing doors for that will make him more likely to burst in.

How many backs have you got, again? :rofl: And if he’s all that, why does he have to wait until your back is turned, and you’re all alone? Way to advertise weakness. I mean, we already know it’s just a parasite, but N00b doesn’t know we know that - what’s he giving it away for?

Victims who are solitary are the easiest prey for my master.


Do you want to see him? Go inside your bathroom with the lights off. The last light you will see is the glimmer of his golden teeth. Grendel hunts you."

Five Nights at Freddies meme! But you tried that and all you got was … a giggle. And here you are, wondering when that ‘last light’ was going to be. There was only one chance at that and he blew it.

So, here’s my take:
N00b is probably very young, not highly motivated to learn much, gets his ideas from TV because reading and writing is obviously not his strong point. Doesn’t know he’s being taken for a ride by a parasite. Because, n00b.
Doesn’t read means doesn’t read magik grimoires, sends a fictional character’s egregore possibly parasitised, not a real deamon with any real power. Knows fuck all about how not to warn people of an attack, which is baneful magik 101.

I think, you already called N00bs bluff by going into the bathroom, and it’s shown about all it’s good for. I think the rest is supposed to be being tricked out of your own power. For real.
However, there’s zero reason you should fall for that, especially given the godawful quality of the writing of this little theatrical revue.

Sure, don’t underestimate the enemy, it’s a decent sized parasite, take it down with extreme prejudice and then shut down the moron that sent it. If it’s good enough, it’ll survive and back off, if it’s not it’s dead.

Sin count: I forgot to tally. 666!

Enough laughing, I might just take a gander myself later and let you know what I find. Samael and I do like a bit of fun on a Friday night, and hunting parasites has been our thing lately, human or otherwise.


I am very grateful for all of the assistance! As soon as I get off work I will share my gameplan. I’ve gotten a lot to think on :wink:

Yall are wonderful. Sincerely I thank you. I’ll be back in 2-3 hrs


Im up for some parasite hunting lol, evoke my true self if you wish, I work great with Yberioth. I excel at healing.

I’ll be more then happy to help, im rather bored and in need of some action. My name is Asmay, give me a call. @Yberion can vouch for me, im more then happy to throw down anytime.

@Lady_Eva @Yberion @Mulberry

SO, I was going to get home, shower, make a gameplan. But you see what had happened was…

All jokes aside, as soon as I entered my room and was alone, I felt an ominous tension, and received a call as soon as I set my phone down.

Not once, but twice!

I took a quick shower to get out of the work mentality. Felt the presence intensify outside.

Quickly, I drew the ‘saw’ sigil from @Qayos, on my hand this time instead of paper. On my palm, I did a swastika in a circle (keeping with the anglo-saxon theme)

So I got myself into a sorrowful state. Felt as lonely and pitiful as I possibly could. Went outside to smoke a cigarette like I normally would. Waited for a moment, sigil’d hand covered, switched my mindset out of the depression, into a grateful and more ‘familial’ mindset. Then moved ~5 feet away from where I was.

Then, I started singing its name in a high pitched voice, to antagonize and/or harm if it was like in the stories. I was… a little amped and had difficulty honing in, so I let my instincts take over and gathered energy in the sigil hand and snapped releasing it where I thought it was.

It was a miss, and so I did the same thing in a couple ‘hotspots’. Then when I relaxed and found another spot, I purposefully turn my back to it. I snapped around and threw another sigil out.

Switched tactics, and in the name of the ‘most high’ (my highest Self) summoned it into a specific spot in front of me. It took a few tries, but my realm, my rules. Got it and put all my angst into a final kill shot. Didnt feel the oppression around me anymore.

Went inside to calm myself. Went back out with a clearer head, and confirmed the kill. Anticlimactic, but there it was. Problem solved, and with the help from those here, a little bit closer to regaining the skills that ‘decayed’ due to neglect.

I would like to keep the thread open, for discussion on warring with entities in general, instead of just my specific problem. The insights gained from your responses, have far reaching implications, and I think an intermittent discussion/brainstorm on the subject would be pretty valuable to the practitioners around here.

If anything else rears it’s head, I’ll update this thread with the steps taken to end it.


Gosh I love you. From carebear animal lover, to cold-hard this is how it’s gonna be.

Truly Amazing.


i Yberion,
lord of all fae and fairy creatures,
vouch for my loyal Asmay.

Have a blessed Hunt!

Sevyilion, cree!

congratulations on your successful defense.

i see you’ve taken care of it. :slight_smile:





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Pretty sure Oberon was only one of many Kings and considered king of summer seelie court a specific court, and shared that title with some other fae royals and Gods over fae creatures not all fae. Just as the African, Asians, etc cultures have their own fae and fae kings who aren’t the fabled Oberon’s people.


i’d think so aswell.

There’s propably quite a few spirits which actually hold command over the fae,
and i can see why you feel like i shouldn’t have written it that way.

It was comming through like channeled gnosis,
in fact i had doubts even writing it that way,
and considered deleting it several times.

the spirit insisted on writing it,
without altering it by my own assumptions of what might be more suiting.

In fact,
it’s highly apriciated that you pointed your insight out.

Thank you, Rungr.




I debated on not saying anything lol, I tend to have a deep connection with fae as well due to my true self so I didn’t want to say anything since legit not the place for me to. Specifically some Celtic fae.


I know,
i’ve been noticing your current profile pic called out towards me several times during the last couple weeks.

I think we adressed this pretty well,
again i apriciate your statement.

Blessed yule,