Killing a target with multiple demons?

Hi, would having multiple demons sent to eventually a target be helpful, or would it ruin a demon’s fun (assuming said demon enjoys messing with their prey), and perhaps cause conflicts among them, taking longer for the target’s life to be ruined, let alone die? Would the first demon take offense at their evocater who sent them to that target take offense at the idea that they sent another spirit, and would thus be harder to convince in the future to go after a target?



There are plenty of baneful spells that involve multiple spirits. In EA’s book Baneful Magick, he provides a ritual that evokes nine spirits of death. Each attacks the target in a different way.


I used to wonder this very same thing myself. Other members on this forum cleared it up for me and the answer is just as Darkest Knight said.

It is good to use different ones in a ‘layered’ way to use each Demons speciality and indeed attack in their own special way as mentioned.


It’s better to do a group evocation than individually summon them. That way you (plural) can decide what you want to do.