Kidney or bladder stones used for hexing

Long story short, my dog underwent surgery and came out well. Must thank Marbas and Sirchade (from the Goetia and the Grimoire of Pope Honorious, both are featured on Konstantinos’ "Summoning Spirits book, it is where I read of them first! :slight_smile: )

Going back to the subject at hand I was given this stone and, considering it has been the reason of great suffering for both the animal itself and everybody around it, it’s basically a pocket-sized haunted house. I idly rocked it in its plastic container thinking about how well it could be used in baneful work, and wouldn’t you know, I got a sharp pain in my private bits soon after, no more than fifteen seconds at most.

We are going to wrap it in alum foil and crush it with a sledgehammer, to depose it on the beach later on, but I might save a pinch or two just for such an occassion.


Sounds delightful. My thought instantly was if applicable lets wrap it it a persons photo or their name on paper and wrap it with black thread binding them to the stone and suffering. Soaking them in a jar of piss.


Lookup a few cases of animal abuse in your area, or high-profile things in national media, where there are photos of the perps. Perfect justice.


Thanks for the edits! Better safe than sue-rry :smiley: .