Keeping multiple love binds active

Hello, everyone
So not too long ago I did a love spell to find myself a girlfriend, I didnt specify anyone, just the qualities that Im looking for, however that someone who “responded” to my spell and showed up actually has a boyfriend.

Now so far I met the girl and her boyfriend and they seem genuinely firendly towards me and we could spend some quality time together (me, the girl, her bf, and one of my friend). However I dont really want to “steal” the girl in question from her boyfriend…
…But I do enjoy the friend group and time spent together

Now, when I did the love spell, I was in a bad place emotionally, because of an ex, that is why I think the spell didnt bring me a partner that is fully available to me.

Since then I began doing more good habits, and also energetically cleanse myself regurarly, which was a really good idea because I felt my energy levels rise, bad moods falling away and becoming more comfident and sociable… So doing magick now shouldnt be a problem.

I plan to do a new love binding, maybe put in more specific qualities, but should I break the previous binding first?

I have no intent with the girl whom I met earlier, but I enjoy the moments the spell brings me
Keeping 2 love spells active will bring chaos into my life?

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How do you know this friend was brought by your spell?

Also, why do you keep calling it a “love binding?” What you described is not a binding, it’s just a general love spell.

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It was a sympathetic magick, whats why I call it binding, but yea love spell,

In the spell I had specifics on the looks and she matched them big time
And it was also confimed by tarot

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A binding is basically magical bondage that you put on another person to prevent them from engaging in certain actions. Some people put bindings on their lovers to prevent them from straying, for example. Or binding their enemies from acting against them.

What you did was a general attraction spell to bring someone into your sphere of influence. and if you think your friend was the result of that first spell, then it has already run its course so its perfectly fine to do another spell with a more refined list of qualities.


Ohh okay, thanks for clearing it up for me,
And also thanks for the advice :grin:

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