Keeping enemies close

I did a search for this and didn’t see much, so would appreciate links if this sounds familiar.
I’m in a situation where I’ve become at odds with some formerly close friends. The relationships were getting too heavy for me, these are not people I trust or really have a big desire to have in my life. However, it would be advantageous to keep them close at this point. I’m interested in doing some spell work (have been working on petitions and meditation with demons, feel like I need to be doing some work on my own as well). I guess my question comes with attempting restoring friendship spells, when the intent behind it is not quite sincere. Will that negate? For what it’s worth, have also been putting in non-magic work on restoring the relationships. Advice? Ideas?

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You mentioned that you do not really want them in your life anymore… Keeping them close without trust might make the friendship difficult, even after restoring it. If you really think their presence is advantageous, you could ask Belial to make sure they do not pose any threat to you, all the while staying close to you… What is your exact desire, if I may ask?


I was thinking something very similar. Was thinking some spell work could be good practice for me as well (very much a beginner) It’s a situation where if we never had to cross paths again, I could cut them out. But we just have too many shared interests at this point.
Right now my desire is to have them stay friendly to make my life easier, all the while wishing nothing but the worst for them for how I’ve been treated. Total honesty, I would love to see them miserable. I would love for them to disappear.
Not my most mature or stand-up up moment, but trying to embrace my true feeling rather than what I’ve been taught is correct.

Now seems to be the perfect time to embrace your darkest thoughts…

I suggest you remove them from your life for good and let new people enter. Out with the old, in with the new. You clearly want justice for what they did to you, so why give them a chance to do it again?

Of course, the choice is yours to make. I can only give you some ideas. However, keep in mind that your health must come first, and if punishing your enemies while keeping in touch can help, this option should be considered viable.

Now, to give you another idea… One thing I did, back when I lived with a narcissist roommate, was to call upon Paimon to destroy this abuser’s self-esteem. Although he did not really change, I had peace for the remainder of our time together. Belial is my favourite for this sort of workings, though. He gets the job done.
In addition, you can use the spell Destroy with Wrath, from Angels of Wrath, by Gordon Winterfield. That way, you can let loose without forcing them out of your life. Just make sure you formulate your request accurately.


You could try making a sigil web.

Basically, what you do is make a sigil representing yourself as the centre of the web, and then create other sigils representing the people and things in your life connected to you via lines.

Once the web is complete, you charge it. Then, if you want to remove someone or something, you would hold the intention in mind, and cut away the sigil representing them from the web and burn it. Once they are removed from the web, they will sooner or later disappear from your life.

Note: This technique will not necessarily harm them. It will simply remove them from your life. This could mean they get a new job and move away, or it could mean they have a psychotic break and have a lovely vacation in a psych ward. Either way, they won’t trouble you again. The effect may not be immediate, but they will eventually disappear.


Thank you for such a thoughtful reply and ideas. I’ll be adding Angels of Wrath to my (small but growing) library. You’ve given me some things to think about!

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Thank you! I’m just starting to learn about sigils and this sounds very interesting (and therapeutic). I appreciate it!

In my experience, one of the most effective ways to deceive people is to genuinely feel friendly emotions while in their presence. It is usually extremely easy to tell when someone is faking having a good time. If you act and feel like a real friend would, then you will likely appear as a real friend.

This is, of course, a double-edged sword. You may start to believe your own deception because you genuinely encourage yourself to feel these emotions. This is why it is important to remind yourself of your hatred for whomever it is you are deceiving.

It is also important, if you want to really sell it, that you go through the motions of conflict and resolution. No real friendship ever goes without conflict. If there is no conflict, then negative emotions fester and the relationship becomes toxic. If you want it to be toxic then that’s fine, but if you don’t then it is important to address the negative emotions and resolve them. If you are engaging in deception, then you can use some of your genuine negative emotions for this purpose while keeping the vast majority of it hidden.

If you have historically engaged in this sort of deceptive behavior quite regularly, for whatever reason, it may be difficult for you to form trusting relationships with people whom you do not want to harm, especially if they also have a similar personality. I am reminded of my early days summoning Lucifer. I did not trust the demon for some time, though I continued to do the magick. Lucifer encouraged me to allow the results of my magick to demonstrate the demons’ trustworthiness. Blind faith was not required or asked of me, but I did have to open myself to the magick enough to see what would happen.


Sometimes it’s best that certain relationships fall away for your own sake.

Always good advice, and one that I would give to friends myself. I hope to get to that point!

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