Keeper of death/ death times

I was having conversation with @Micah . he said my friend will leave when it is his time to leave. So is there a spirit that keeps/influences the death date of people. If that is true, can I evoke him and ask him to change death date to friend tonight while he is sleeping?

This is the 3rd or 4th thread you opened about “death” and most - if not all of them - are around the same subject. I understand your problem and hope this difficult time would pass as fast as possible, with less pain as possible.

But to get the best help or assistance please keep the conversation and discussion in one or two threads max. Opening new topics would only distract everyone, including yourself.

All the best,


It isn’t meant that your friend will die tonight, or even within the near future, at all. Everyone will die when his/her time is here. :woman_shrugging:

How you said:

My friend just want to leave.

If he really want to leave, he would did it already. I don’t know too much about the backstory, but in my opinion finding a fast escape while you still here and waiting for something is never meant that you really want to leave.

I saw and sadly knew people who wanted to leave.
They DID it… no need any magical help to it if they wants.


Normal method of suicide is too painful for him. If he could stand pain, he would have already done it.

He does want to leave. Just peacefully with no pain.

Normal method

I don’t want to give any advices for painless deaths (even when it is extremely easy to find one way if you really want to die), because I’m sure your friend isn’t want to leave really, based on what you share with us.

So I hope the best for you both, and hopefully your problems will gettin’ solved very fast.

Much bless :black_heart: