Keep working and big things will come


I have been doing very well on my path to do the impossible.

In fact last week I was shown by the group that trains me.

How to create a omnipotent, all knowing and all present entity that is not a thought form or a egregore. He is the real deal like azazel or the infernal empire.

He has his own identity and name that he created himself He is a brown skin entity. No being can describe him and the things he can do he is infinite.

He always was and is.


What does your report have to do with the title ?? Sorry but I did not understand!

Can you tell which group you belong to and what entity is this ??


Cant say. I have been sworn to secrecy I cannot come out say who I work and what group I belong to all this is exclusive only to the members sorry.

Btw the title very much fits my post. Big things will come. I have been hard on this path for several months now in my reward was what I typed.

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