Keep it simple with love spells!

I see so many people using hundreds of ingredients for love spells and hey if it makes you happy then use them. I find using that many ingredients confuse the energy so keeping it simple is best.

Here’s what works for me and will get the same results as someone using one hundred different ingredients.

  • sugar (sweeten)
  • cinnamon (incite passion)
  • coffee (fast results) target won’t know what hit them :laughing:
  • liquorice (compel the target)
  • calamus (stop them fighting the spell)

There you go… 5 heavy hitters!

for a love spell go easy on the calamus :joy: but in general this makes for an awesome obsession working.

Cheers :beers:


With a ton of calamus and licorice does that make an obsession spell?


In essence yes.

Any more common alternatives to liquorice and calamus?

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I agree with the poster above. Alternative to calamus? Preferably a kitchen herb or spice


Clove I’d assume as it adds dominance

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I’ve been using the “less is more” frame of mind lately when I perform my rituals, and I agree that sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go.


Right! it allows you to channel a very sharp focus as you aren’t using multitudes of herbs.
Cast and then give thanks as if it’s happend and go about ur day.

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I used ginger and an hoodoo domination oil.

with what results?


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