Keep getting the same cards

Hey guys
I understand that getting repeat cards can happen and makes sense when asking similar stuff about the same person and all, but what does it mean when cards keep popping up when doing different readings about different questions regarding different people?
Keep in mind, i have been doing single card spreads as practice, but still see an enormous amount of repetition…not from any of the nice ones either.

Try knocking on the deck before using it. As it might still be connected to your energy when doing anothers reading. Also asking the same questions repetitively will annoy the deck and it will give you the same cards because it’s is it’s way of saying you already know.

Knocking the deck?
As in, the same way you would knock on a door?
Or is that a specific type of cleansing?

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Yeah like knocking on a door lol. Its away of removing the previous person psychic energy off the cards :slight_smile: