Karmic ties and energy cords Belial

Hello, people. Im writing because I have a certain problem. I tried to connect with Belia thru a sigil. I went to sleep and I felt like there’s a cord or a tie between me and my father that I need to cut. I felt afraid and I prayed to my angels. At that time I thought I received a message from them to look on youtube how to cut cords with relatives. I found one video and I did a visualization which is connecting with your higher self and the higher self of the person u want to cut the ties. In the visualization your saying" I give back everything that is your and I take back everything that is mine." After I did it first with my mom I wasnt feeling so bad then I decided to do it with my father. The next day I just felt so bad emotionaly and energetically. Now I understand that the guidence was from Belial. I’m feeling really bad and I don’t know if I can fix everything as it was. If someone can give me an advice should I call Belial or what should I do. I’m comming from christian background and Im just a beginner so if anyone can help me I’ll be very greatful.

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That Belial is just testing how far you are willing to allow him to go if I understood the communication correctly. Just like a lewd man desiring to feel like a pleasured woman, calling to Belial, then finding the entire inside filled with Belial. You were correct in, checking with your Angels because every opportunity to remove competing connections will happen with instructions coming from Belial. Just remember that with the protectiveness of Belial, he is also tending to place his-self as Central-Role in people’s lives.

So what r u suggesting right now. Im literally feeling like another person and I want to fix everything. I feel like Belial tricked me and f up my life. I spoke with the person that posted the vizualization and he said that it is irreversable.

Well, forgive your dad fully and whole. And release him. Send him huge amount of love. I cut cords with my dad scared I lose him. We are closer now then before. I can better control my emotions too.

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