Karma or not?

So E.A. and Timothy both seem to reject the category of Karma. If we look at the state of the world, this stance seems to be correct. On the other hand, in the past I experienced what I believe was major karma as the result of a failed attempt at baneful magick.

What are some thoughts on this?

My opinion off the cuff. Karma could be summarized as the law of cause and effect. Simply put, effects occur differently depending on the person initiating the cause, based on at least two factors.

  1. Their understanding of cause and effect in the universe, and their degree of success in applying that.

  2. The resultant mental and emotional record of the events inside that persons consciousness. For MOST people these traces linger along with all the other things in their unconscious, exerting a continual influence over them for some time.

These two factors interplay in the continued experience of the person. So one could see that that Karma = Action. Everything done has results and all those results are the karma accrued by the action. However ten people doing the same action will each have different experiences accordingly.

I have always said karma will only hurt you if you believe it exists. Believing in it gives it power, so if you think it’s real, in your world it will be which means if you think you will be punished for manipulating another’s free will or placing a spell on someone out of revenge, then you will be punished because believing in karma makes it a reality in your world. Don’t believe in it? Then you will be fine. This why so many people do bad things and constantly come out ahead of all others, while some people give so much to help others that they have nothing left yet they constantly suffer and have bad things happen to them.

Because the person who believed in karma, even though they are a genuine nice person, believed that if they refused to help just one person even if it means the difference between their survival and their failure, that karma would punish them. So they finally decide to skip doing a favor for someone that week because they really couldn’t afford to but they let their conscious tell them it was not the right thing to do, then they find themself stuck in a rut a week or so later and say, oh no it’s karma biting me in the ass because I did not help the 147th person that asked me for a favor this month.

While on the other hand the sheisty lying bastard of a CEO who doesn’t believe in karma, takes advantage of a newer CEO and cons him into signing over his shares of the company. That CEO comes out ahead, he now owns the entire company and not just half or a third of it and did he get punished for conning or lying? Nope, he is now 3.5 million dollars richer.

So seriously, if karma were real, do you really think it would allow all of these bad, lying, selfish people to succeed while allowing kind and caring people to constantly end up homeless, jobless, etc. No. So it cannot possibly be real, something that was created that we all must accept. Karma is an invention and those who believe in it, give it power. Like this post (below) from a previous topic where you were basically asking the same kinds of questions about karma.

[quote=“The Cusp, post:7, topic:6024”]Free will isn’t really an issue. It’s not as common as you might think. Do you really think people work jobs they hate every day because they have free will? They do it because they think they have no other choice, they believe that’s the only way. Not free will.

As long as people remain slaves to how they see the world, there is no free will. Which means people in general are easy as hell to manipulate.

I’ve heard it said you can’t hypnotize someone to do something against their nature. That’s bullshit. THey’ll do it if they believe they have no other choice.[/quote]

Amen! LOL

I agree 100%

and as long as you don’t believe in karma or that you will be punished by forcing another to do your will, then you have no worries. But I don’t know your beliefs on this and I don’t need to know, not butting into your personal business or anything. But I know some people that do believe in karma, prefer to just ask a deity to help them because they feel that a god or goddess could bring them the results they desire without the magician themselves having force the other person to do anything unwillingly.