Kameas Combined with Goetic Sigils

So I would like to get some opinions on this. There is no right or wrong ( I think, lol). I’m just curious what others may think of this idea.

Okay so I want to make a Mars Kamea that is specifically used for Break-Ups. I will be making it on Tuesday in the hour of Mars or Saturn (not sure yet).

I also plan to ask for the aid of Goddess LERAJE by way of her sigil.

Now I know kameas are usually used when there is no known sigil or seal available but I want to combine them.

On the front of the square I want to draw the name LERAJE. And on the back of the square I would like to draw her actual sigil.

Has anyone ever used a magickal square like this? Combining it with a Goetic Sigil?


…Well maybe everyone has tried this already! Lol. I will go ahead with my plans and create it. I will update if I have any success.

I can see this potentially being quite powerful. Kameas on their own are power sources and by putting on a sigil, you are focusing the energy from the square to a specific point (or block it out entirely if we are talking about seals). Think of it as having a slide on a microscope and adjusting the focus. The kamea would be the slide itself while the knob you turn would be the sigil.

Definitely interested in hearing how it turns out for you

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I hope that it is C. Wison, thank you. In theory it should be! So I’ve made this beautiful thing…

Tues @ 10 pm (day and hour of Mars)
(Edit) Waning 3rd quarter moon
Kamea of Mars on front
LERAJE goetic sigil on back
Violet/Red Colored (red for Mars & violet for LERAJE)
Red and violet candles (" ")
-anointed with crown of success oil
-dressed in jasmine flowers (for LERAJE)
Recited LERAJE Demonic Enn
Meditated over work
Currently feel great

Now I will do a bit more work with LERAJE to form/strengthen my bond with her.

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Awesome man. Keep us updated, as I am sure others may have a similiar question down the road.

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