Kali 🔥 - my experience

I had an opportunity to talk to Kali yesterday, and I want to share my experience and insights on her as a deity.

I was on the phone with my really good powerful friend and we got into conversation about hindu deities and at the end we started to talk about Kali. We turned it into deep conversation and after a few minutes I saw with my third eye her standing in my ritual room. She wanted to talk to me.

I heard about Kali before this experience with her various things. Between people she is known as blood thirsty deity and very powerful feministic goddess. After our one hour conversation, there are many other things which should be said about her and what can give more insights to people who are interested in working with her but have some inner pulls not to.

I went into my ritual room and greeted her, took 2 glasses and poured us fancy expensive spicy alcohol. We both sat down infront of eachother and started talking .

She is indeed very powerful feministic goddess, but the way how she speaks to you and the way how she treates you depends all from you . Once you approach her with respect and authority, she is approaching you with the same attitude.
She was very nice, kind and listened to every word I spoke and was saying her opinions on given matters. I got very good vibes from her and she was open minded to listen to my offers and to me. Kali is indeed goddess of power I could sense it from her and she smelled like a spices and gold.

Kali is focusing on many areas of magic but mostly excels in curses, love and personal growth. She is good protector and extremely empowering for female practitioners… I know many female witches who work with her and they are indeed BAD BOSS BITCHES.
Her top most favourite offering is blood and than good alcohol. But she stated that she takes everything what is given from the heart of the caller.

After my experience and experience of my friends with her I have to state that yes, she is indeed powerful and yes she likes blood offering, but definitely known fact is that she is awesome deity who does the job and is very very nice to summoner!

Everybody has their own experiences, this is mine and I definitely suggest people to work with her, because she does the job and is awesome empowering goddess.
What is being said by some members or other occultist is reflection of them. The way how they approached her and what image of her they had in their mind before evocation was all reflection- this was said to me from her.

I went into this with neutral mindset, no expectations even tho I knew what was being said about her and this is what I personally experienced, same as my friends.

Sum up of my experience: definetly it was awesome :fire: and I am encouraging people to went out of their bubbles about what they read about her… and actually approach her with respect and authority, and you will be surprised when shits will start happen in your favour :v:


I love Kali, she’s like a mother to me


Yes she is awesome. :fire:


She is mother to everyone

She is known as Ma Kali in hinduism


Idk about everyone, but she has a motherly side


Yea she has many sides… I agree with that. :blush:


Hail Ma kali


Hail Maa Kali !!!


All this Kali Maa-ing inevitably puts me in mind of that classic Indiana Jones scene:

Ok, so that is obviously exaggerated for dramatic effect, but it is a fact that millions of people were sacrificed to her until the British (In fact one British Officer, who infiltrated their secret society and exposed their crimes) brought an end to the Thuggee cult. However, even today, people are sacrificed to Kali regularly and animal sacrifice is mainstream and widespread. Both are pretty reprehensible in my view, so next time if anyone speaks to her, perhaps they can ask her about this…


i dont believe she likes the human sacrifice, maybe the animal one done right will allow the animal to better its karma more quickly


I personally might sacrifice an animal to Kali if i knew the right ritual to better its karma and quicken the evolution of its consciousness (this is just speculation however) it is definetly better than killing it for hunger or sadistic means imo

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Not only her almost all female spirits, deities, goddesses are/can be venerated as mothers in Hinduism.

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Even Naamah?

Namah is Liliths sister, she has nothing to do with Hinduism

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Oh okay, my bad.

About the sacrifices, yea in India there are hidden temples where they do sacrfice animals to Kali, as I stated she likes blood.
Human sacrfiices were popular in the past, not only to Kali but in general many deities were recieving it.

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They might be rare, but human sacrifices still happen today, just like Suttee, the burning of widows. Priests of Kali are occasionally caught kidnapping children and sacrificing them. Some of these stories even make it into western news outlets, so it must only be the tip of the iceberg. Most cases are probably never discovered, because there are so many untraceable street children that nobody cares about. If a million of them were scooped up from the streets of major cities, nobody would notice, they don’t appear in any official statistics or registries anyway.


How did you summon her?

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Kali, Kali-Ma, Kalika, Kali
Om Krem Kali.

And call her to you. She was personally waiting for me, but I would summon her that way and I also will in near future again . :slightly_smiling_face:


Will do thank you Dremora.
Hopefully I’ll be allowed to do such @_@

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