Kali Mantra Magick

Hey guys. Does anyone here have any experience in chanting her mantras?

My main question is whether or not it is ok to chant a certain Mantra one day, and then chant a different one the next. Like say, I chant one for “financial assistance”, 108 times…and then the next day, or even shortly afterwards…chant one for her to possess me…again 108 times. These energies don’t seem to interfere with each other…and I feel that they could work in synergy. It’s not like chanting one for “peace and well being” and then an hour later chanting one to destroy your enemies.

Thoughts please.


om krim kalikayai namaha
Om cream ka-li-ka-ye na ma ha
Ye pronounce like you say yeah

Om sri mahakalikayai namaha
Om klim kalikayai namaha

Krim and klim its same! R make bursst or fire power to your body
Klim is more soft


I would love to hear if this mantra helped you and what is it useful for ?


Me @Aluriel and @Eye_of_Ra can help in this area.


I’m all ears xoxox

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This mantra can be used to evoke kali
She comes to me in black goddess form and she is dancing
This mantra can give you peace and can eradicate fear hesitation etc

You can pronounce
Om krim kaliyai namaha
Om krim kalikayai namaha
Kali : kalika (same)
When you speak krim
You must vibrate it and feel it
And when you speak kalika you vibrate it again and you can imagine goddess come to you
When you speak om, you say ommmmm

Ommmmm, kriiiiimmm, kaa-lii-kaaa yai namaha
Feel her power
The mantra is so powerfull
When goddess comes to you, you can feel like your heart beats quickly instant heat etc


This reply sums it up, You indeed can feel her when she arrives

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Is it true Kali mantra can increase abilities of black mages? I heard of this somewhere a few years ago that black mages in the Asian region maintain a special deity/devotee relationship with her.

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Kali’s a strong goddess overall, she’s extremely revered both for her power and her un-discriminate nature, she’s the destroyer of all and also time, therefore all things will be absorbed into her, since all things will become her she doesn’t have judgement of anything.

This gives rise to groups such as the thugee’s.

Her mantra’s have a special quality of unveiling things and also has her quality of breaking things down in her particular way through a particular pathway of “fate”/time as a devouring nature.

As such she has a strong manifestation of breaking apart obstacles, breaking things down.

Her tongue stuck out shows her enjoyments of all “tastes” or things and pleasures as well as one of her blessings.

The aghori’s have a great understanding of her, probably a better one than I do.


The Aghori current is rather awesome x
I’ll see if I can try her mantra and whether it helps me with manifestation.


Mantras in general have vibrations that act as keys unlocking specific things once the magicians knows exactly how to utilize it.

It’s the same principle with incantations and the dark staot of ahrimanic magic.

Yes reciting her mantra can increase your psychic abilities as well as other things


I’m all set to try then x thank you !

I could be way off on this, but at the moment I believe that Kundalini is specifically her energy, which means that Kundalini isn’t necessarily what most people say it is, “an energy in everyone that lies dormant”…I’m not so sure about that. If you have the fire going on then I believe it came from her and she is already in your life…

Sometimes even when things are “calm”, having Kali around can be a little annoying because there are no breaks, no time to relax…she is all “go go go” and quite pushy…something as simple as laying around the house for an extra 30 minutes can cause discomfort because you’re not doing anything to improve yourself, you actually feel it in your body.

So all in all, she is like that intense personal trainer that will squeeze a couple of more reps out of you when you think you are done and can’t go anymore. Set after set.

If you are into constant self-improvement, I would recommend Kali Ma.


Yes according to legend and story from indian yes
Kali can be invoked/evoke to bring harm curses etc
She is death goddess
But i never “invoke” her power to do that
In indian tradition, left hand path tradition of hinduism! Aghori, they usually “worship” goddess in angry form and that is kali
Because kalika is supreme manifestation of time death angry and destructive goddess form

And she can give you “boon” (magic knowledge etc) or indian usually say siddhi/power knowledege about forbidden things!

My experiences with her is she can be good “partner” can give you anything you want BUT you have full responsible for all you do!
For example if you want something X ok kalika can gives you! But maybe in your journey! You regret for what you ask kalika to do for you! The goddess just GIVE, no warning!

Oh yeah, you must give honour and respect her dont “force” her and you must give respect to all women too, she is embodiment of feminime power! She doesnt like bastard people who show no respect to women! And tend to dominate all women! :slight_smile:


Yes she has saturnian nature
Every saturnian entity will act like thay
Very taskmaster
But saturnian can do the job quickly

Some people dont like it
But i like it LOL
Because i am saturnian too LOL


Yep! It’s very Saturnian and I was thinking of working with Durga and Kali during the currently troublesome Saturn retrograde.

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I am a Hindu girl, born and raised, Durga and Kali are worshipped daily in almost every household, especially on new moon,
also visit http://www.adyapeath.org/AdyaS.html , this mantra if recited everyday ensures overall well-being and protection. Also from 14th October till 18th October 2018 is the annual Durga worship celebration. You can observe fasts on those days and chant her name. http://www.celextel.org/stotras/devi/durgastotram.html


NauRaatri. I believe the 16th of October would be Durga Ashtami

does this mean give respect to girls who dont deserve respect ??

Use aum instead of om