Kali Ma

Lately I’ve been going through an Unpleasant time and the one who I feel is here for me, seems to be the Beautiful Kali Ma❤️

For those who’ve worked with her, please share your experiences?

I don’t really know if I’m being called by her, but if I am, I do intend to work with her. I don’t view her as a death and blood Goddess entirely. To me she is time, a motherly figure and the divine Feminine. She represents Balance, Darkness and Light and Chaos and Order. She is associated with the Earth and Cosmos alike. But I’ve done some bad things in my Life and if I do work with her, I hope she won’t hold them against me or at least help me in moving on.

Ps: I’m avoiding invocations and evocations because I now think my entire Spiritual journey so far was based on impersonator Spirits pretending to be deities I admired…


Holy Goddess Kali-Ma :black_heart: - if you LOVE her, find the Kali-Ma within you - see what SHE says, see what SHE does? :thinking:



I did work with her, she looks ‘fierce’ because she can (for example) ‘protect you/defend you against or just help with a righteous purge of’ x or y in fierce ways, she represents an aspect of yourself you can work with, thus, as an ally. Just like demons can look fierce but…;when worked with them in particular ways (such as using the universal circle for example)
can make it very easy…; it’s just like Yamantanka for example - he looks fierce, but he symbolized ‘the death of death’…; :slight_smile:


Goddess Kali is my Mother. She has saved me so many times from my enemies that I lost count. Because of her I’m alive to today. As my Mother She is fiercely protective and She does not take any prisoner when She is waging war against Her children enemies. Mother Kali encompasses all my life and She is a great teacher. Everything that I needed She has given to me. Sometimes She said no of things that I thought that I needed but I actually didn’t; sometimes She told me to wait and expect what I need to come later. All in all She is the one who decides and I bow to Her will.


I would not advise any circle when you worship Mother Kali or work like you put it anymore. Mother Kali is Shakti (or power) My advice is to show the Mother Goddess the ultimate respect and She will take you in as Her child.


Mother Kali is not judgmental at all. If you respect and love Her then you will become Her child. She will protect you and bless. Now to filter out trickster spirit please do the following: Hold the Kali mudra and then say 1) Kring Kring Kring Swaha 2) Aum Kali Kapali Dahi Dahi Swaha and finally say 3) Aum Krim Kalikayai Namah. After holding the Kali mudra and saying these mantra any trickster spirit would vanish or destroyed. More importantly the second mantra is an exorcism mantra. Please do not be afraid to invoke or evoke Her. If you are one of Her children She will never stop calling you until you come and bow before Her. My advice is not to resist Her calling. May Mother Kali bless and protect you.

Aum Krim Kalikayai Namah


When you mention the this, around here some people get what’s called a Kali trance. She essentially possesses them but in a way to help others. I was told by a friend that it’s the greatest blessing one coule have from her.


Wow she’s amazing :heart_eyes:

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I do want to change my Life and redeem myself. Likely by helping others. If she’s chosen me, I will have to honor her name.

I asked her for a sign and I woke up at around half past one, randomly opened Facebook and a quote with her is there. Talk about Synchronicity!


I don’t think I’d use a Circle with her. I mean if she’s my Matron, then there would be no need for Circles…


When I surrendered myself to Mother Kali I asked Mother how do I honor you and She told me in no uncertain terms “know my names”. Thus I was on a quest to find out what her names are. Our Rishis told us the Divine Mother Kali has a multitude of names. They are group in 108 names and 1008 names.

the 108 names are:

The 1008 names are:

When I’m reading the names of Mother Kali I feel happy and there is something deep inside me that is jumping with joy. I really can’t explain it. Every one of her names is one of Her forms. Please honor her and love her. She knows you and listen to Her and accept Her calling.


Very soon, maybe tomorrow I will show you a pre-requisite for a traditional Kali puja or any other Hindu deity puja that will never fail in preventing any trickster spirit from interfering with your invocation or better yet I prefer to say puja. May Mother Kali bless and protect you.

Aum Krim Kalikayai Namah

Namaste, Good Night.


I :heart: Kali Ma!
Here are some videos I watch.
I believe Kali tends to like those who are devoted I try to watch them regularly.

The last one tends to make me feel extra protected, I think it works too cause I have been dealing with psychic attack for a while I have been getting attacked by entities and I do feel Kali has been a big part of making things better. The last 2 I also like, they are nice as well. If I had concerns regarding my third eye, I like the first two a lot better for that, although too much and it can be hard to do other 3rd eye work I have found at times.

I hope this doesn’t derail the conversation too much but I wonder if any one has a method for invocations of Kali or how one would go about it.


108 names? I’ve noticed that this number is very common in Hindusm.

I do wanna accept her but I’ll admit, they ssy her path is the hardest to work in Tantra (I’m not a Practioner of Tantra though). Also does she csuse you to see your flaws and errors when she appears to you at first? I’ve noticed that I have a lot to fix but she gave me a feeling that I am not alone


Thank you so much :heart:️. May she bless you and protect you well​:heart:️

Jai Ma Kali :heart:

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I will listen to these :heart:️. The same things been happening with me, in fact since I was a child.

I do hope someone gives you an invocation!


Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:
It is important to know that, ultimately archetypes of the God-mind, all gods and goddesses, demons and angels are here for guidance, transcendence, self-empowerment, and also to inherit their abilities.
As we ourselves are to awaken to our own godhood, our own innate divinity, ultimately, their service lies in ‘growing the seeds of our own divinity’. We, as much as them equally have the One Source of All in us, and are to become autonomous beings-in which we can work with them.

Strictly worshiping of deities, would lead to a quite limited effect of what they are meant for.

you are here to learn to be the creator of your own experience and to awaken to your own godhood.;

The more techincal reason I mentioned a circle is due to being able to connect with her more filterlessly and to direct her forces in a more defined way

equality rather than inferiority,
recognition of the divinity within yourself.

she works as a function of the god-Mind, the God-Mind which you are, and of which you yourself are the source of, in oneness and equality with all life. We didn’t come here to worship gods nor deities.
You are here for you, not per se to please or worship anything outside of the source, (if you choose to worship while ascending to the light first, within yourself, but that is temporary if you wish to enthrone your own true nature, ultimately, which is your natural destiny - gods are here to guide and assist you to find more of You, the Source of All. :slight_smile:


Hello Guys,

Why this thread stops now: This should grow with the profound experiences and practices of KALI Ma.
Please keep the wisdom flowing. :pray:

Aummm Krimmm Kaalikaa yeh Namaha

The “Source of all” is a loop. We are all peons in a game of power. The parallels I have seen on our plain as well as 'higher" plains is the same repetitive bullshit as here. Politics, courts, and plutonomy. Don’t fall victim to the parasitic inevitability that exists.