Justice card in every reading, what's the deeper meaning of this?

Like the title says, I see it (both inverse and upright) allll the time
Even if I’m not the one getting the reading and it is for someone else.
On a deeper soul/learning level does anyone know what it means?
I’m not super skilled when it comes to knowing the cards that deeply yet, I been doing more readings lately to learn.


The Justice card is a symbol of Karma. This does not mean “karma” in the popular sense of the word, where every good deed is rewarded and every evil act punished according to its severity. It means cause and effect, void of moral judgement.

On a deeper level, this could signal that you must come to grips with where you are in life, and that you must recognize that you are where you are because of your own actions and thoughts. There are, of course, forces outside of ourselves that affect our lives in a manner beyond our conscious control, but how we behave with these forces acting upon us is up to each individual. Some thrive in the midst of tragedy, while others despair as the world rejoices. This is, ultimately, up to you.

Justice comes after the Wheel, and before the Hanged Man. It is a part of the “middle” cycle of the Major Arcana, after the first and before the last. It is not concerned with the outside world, as much of the first line is, nor is it too deeply esoteric, as is the last line. Its message to you will be found in your own mind. Meditate on the card, and allow the Sword of Justice to cut through misperception and confusion to reveal what lies beneath the surface of your mind.

When you have gained clarity, it is up to you to choose what you will do.


Are you performing the readings in the same space each time, if you are and the Justice card keeps turning up, the energies in the room might be the cause. It may mean that a balancing of energies in the room need to be restored, that they are effecting your readings by keeping you from cutting through any illusions, therefore making you blind to the truth that the cards speak and unable to provide you, or the person your reading for, a clear answer.


Peace to you.

I hate to ask, but is someone around you in government or law? Any legal issues, of any kind, whatsoever?
If you would like, maybe I can give you a reading? Ask your question, precisely and clearly if so, and I’ll get back to you.


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no legal issues here


Justice can denote legal proceedings, like pre-nips, divorces, custody, the like. Sometimes it could be a lawyer, or a government issue or a politician.

Then there is the Karma angle.

If none of these fit, do you know a Libra? Justice can represent their air sign.