Just wow

Sigil magick just blew my mind. No circle, no candle, no ahame, no incantations. Just a sigil and a scrying mirror though I closed my eyes most the time anyways. I consulted with 2 different demons, with such intensity that I’ve actually had to utilize psychological retraction. This is definitely the most progress I’ve made. I’m not meaning to just brag, I’m just venting.

well hey. sigils do the job fine.

if you want to take sigilization further, try psychonaut evocation with an entheogen. salvia is only ONE enabler among many. if slavia is illegal where you live, there are plenty of other research drugs out there that you can use in its place and many of them are legal so do your research. and if you don’t want to use any drugs of any kind at all, use hypnotism to get your trance state tuned in and do the sigil launches with no drugs at all.

Ya dude I’m all about entheogens and shamanism and the whole nine yards. Salvia is not illegal where I’m at and I can attest to its potent gateway opening power as far as ripping the veil to the spirit world. Cannabis also works wonders and the 2 combined? Now that’s where it’s at!

the only thing about salvia is that it has such a short trip time. i tried 60x back in 2007 and my trip was over almost before it began. it was my first full-on astral projection. one toke and i was beside myself LITERALLY. it shocked me so much i didn’t even evoke! but hey, you live and learn, right?

last week i learned about 25B, 25C, and 25I-NBOMe. apparently they are synthetic alternatives to LSD that give you a trip that lasts up to 9 hours and it fades in after around 15 minutes. NBOMe is a research drug but its classification is uncertain depending on where you live. where i live it’s completely legal as of today. if NBOMe is legal where you are, order 1mg tabs and conjure while on those, they give you as intense a high as salvia and the uptime is WAY longer so you have much more time to conjure.

I’m about to do a series of rituals with magic mushrooms, should be interesting, and I’ll definitely look into those synthetic alternatives. Do you remember EA in his book Questing after visions he talks about various psychedelics and their usefulness in magick work, and that LSD would give him results only when he was tripping. I actually might have the connects for actual LSD and not just synthetics, but ya I really want to get my hands on Iboga as well.

Hey thinktank123,

SOunds like you are having great success on sigil magick and related aspects. I will say its good to hear about the success of others regarding such practices. At least for me, I think its good to hear from others relating their experiences and that the sharing of such information isn’t bragging, just expressing of the events that have transpired. Keep at it and hope to hear more in the near future.