Just to show you Deities can do more than just their speciality!

So I’ve had a friendship with Sallos for almost a year, and I went to him initially for love purposes. Each girl is go to didn’t end up with me BUT I was shown why not and became some much more conscious. I went from wanting a christan girl to a conscious girl by finding out things that the girls I petiontioned for didn’t have. By all these Nos, it helped me grow on so many levels, and learn truth and thereby making more so much stronger!

Dietys yes have there specialty, but bulilding a connection then petition helps you make sure what you think you want, is truly what you want. Learning lessons quicker. Sallos is the man and I know for others he can bring someone to you in days, he’s a beast! Plus I know what I got to do before I can settle down and have a frutacious relationship. Thank you Sallos! And all those who read this!