Just talked with a voice (In sleeping paralyzis?)

Umm, i had some sleeping paralyzes so i was calling for Thor and Odin to help… Then i for the first time heard someone else speaking i got this massive pressure on my ears and heard " (my name here) it is Thor" i said… Thor what do you want to tell… i think then i heard “it is rude to invite guests without offering anything” … after that it went even more blur and i just heard a lot of agression in my head, when i woke myself up for a moment i saw a crack on the wall which then disappeared.

My wallpaper on my pc had changed back to this snowy hall it was before i changed it, so i dunno if it affected my pc too… the force.

The voice was speaking in my language, not english. ( If it matters )

Quite unpleasant stages, feels like being “electrically vibrated” on the head and body with some weird technology.

well, have you been trying to contact entities without offering anything?

I know it can be hard when first learning to hear the entities as you may not hear them say what they want for something in return, and unless you are able to intuitively find out what they want, it can cause a lot of problems and conflicts between the magician and the evoked.

I’ve heard he likes coffee, no seriously - it’s mentioned on a lot of Asatru pages and stuff, they all piddled with excitement when it showed up in the Thor movie as well! :slight_smile:

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ah yes, the Thor movie. My dad watches it like every 3 weeks, no exaggeration. But Channing did make a pretty hot Thor.

Yeah well i have called them without offering :O, but when i was in this sleep paralyzis state i of course couldn’t lend him a bottle of… anything, otherwise i would have.

Interesting that he just came by me repeating he’s name though, if it was really him. Hard to say how the voice sounded, it sounded pretty much like my voice/normal voice through many “effects” so hard to specify.

I was also thinking that do they notify if i randomly think about the name “Thor” because its quite hard to avoid thinking such terms, i mean… if it bothers or confuses them… As if they come so easilly as by calling them… And i wasn’t even calling them out loud in this dimension because even if i hear my speech in sleep paralyzis no one else obviously hears it, but maybe that means its heard on other states of being.