Just my own thoughts

I have to explain something here, I work in the necromantic current and most of the time I am intentionally oblivious to things that are happening around me when I already understand those aspects. But as of lately I have notice more and more that necromantic current offers backdoors to things and yes, I knew of this aspect of it already. That being said, this post is really to just remind myself why I went into necromantic workings to begin. Why would I want to go into the current if we are talking about death current? Partially I would have to say that necromantic pathworking is good for many things and one of those is that it leads you back to your roots if you will it. It may seem difficult because it´s the death current but in the end it connects you to the base of the tree of life. I´ve had many problems with the idea that life is built on corpses of all of those before you but I´ve come to realise that it´s partially true. Death gives and death takes but it manifest and builds things too. Necroantic pathworking connects you to your past. I suppose through death, one can have dreams and hopes, to kill something and to rebuild from sctrach and to even awaken aspects of yourself that you didn´t know even existed.Death is a multifaceted thing and it never ceases to amaze me. After all this, I can sense my connection to the dead becoming even more close and in a sense I feel like I´m one of them in some sense. I have to be honest, at first I thought Dante was full of bullshit but after I got around to observe my own life and surroundings, I realised that Dante was right on everything that he has said about necromantic sorcery(not talking about his statements from the times of conversion to christianity). At that moment I realised that his statements had opened my eyes to something new. See, the thing is, I came to this current because I wanted to live and have all of my past weakneses sacrificed. I grew up in a bad place in life and because of that I value conviction to improve ones state, a worthy goal. Start again so to speak.

I realised that that phrase``to live is to die´´ is somewhat accurate. Sometimes you have to hike in the river of styx in order to live again and after realising that I was baffled of what I realised. The necromantic current takes things out of you but it gives so much more and that is what I realised after a long time.I find that my thoughts are little like a tornado because there is so much I could say about necromantic pathworking but I don´t know how to put it to word. Long before I can actually feel the connection to my past necromantic rituals, I´ve always felt an attraction to saturn and energies of death as this great peace and serenity as long as I can remember. The connection keeps getting more and more powerfull the more I work with necromantic rituals and I quess what I´m trying to say is that death is a teacher as is saturn. I hope it wasn´t too much fluff.

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