Just made some sigils

I made two for my parents, each to Buer, and stuffed them underneath their mattresses. My dad has this annoying cough. Other than keeping me up at night, it makes me worry about him. My mom says its nothing, and she may be right, but I want it gone. LIKE GONE! As for her, its tax season so she gets pretty stressed out. Plus winter weather makes her head ache. She gets testy this time of year. Call it caring for my family, but I just want some peace and quiet.

I made two for myself. One to Zepar for attraction, and one to Ronove for learning. I stuffed them in my wallet.

I wanted to know if I should do anything else.


You may follow with index finger (imagine a little flame on its tip) the lines of Zepar’s and Ronove’s sigils, perhaps open them also by gazing, and sprinkle a few drops of blood.

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I’m not against blood Magick but you know…needles and all.

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