Just had to do something

Since i have moved (TRUE and Meaningful THANKS BELIAL!!)
My ritual work has tanked below tragic- compared to my happy every other day in the old place.
Going from 2500 squ/ft and 5 big bedrooms to 900squ/ft 2 moderate bathrooms , one dedicate to the “Office / Dialysis room” , has been quite the squeeze. My Temple is inop due to needed structural repairs to change the floor from essentially a wooden trampoline to something one dares walk on.
Well last night I did the big fkit, and just made and on the spur ‘working’.
I took the two board I deign to make my spirit board and pendulum board from which were already consecrated to Lucifer, and placed on them tea candles and nag Champ stick incense.
i did not have a circle so I circled the room widdershins 3 X with the incense and consecrated it for the time being to only having Lucifer and I within it.
I then stood and chanted the Dukante Enn for Lucifer 3 X, and then in between each chanted Called Lucifer present and explained to him why I was there and to assist me. I then took Masons Rites of Lucifer and recited each Invokation and after each stated whatever I feltI needed or was important to me. While each recitation, i held my left hand up with the middle 3 fingers up and splayed with the thumb over little finger- i called it the Sign of the Flaming Trident, if instructed to do so I used the right hand.
There were some interesting little events, my five dogs were asleep even though 5 mins before beginning that would have been the last thing I would have expected ! and as soon as I was finished, my german sheperd nudged her way past the doggygate then through the door both of which guard the office. The noisy ass heaven garbage truck came then also.
As I went to put the stuff away, I took the tea candles which were out for abit and as i picked them up, burned my fingers dropped them which splashed wax on both boards- at first I paid no attn. to it, but then as I picked them up to put them away, I noiticed the ‘pattern’ the splashed wax made on both boards- and very strongly it Dawned on me that i would combine them and thus make a personal sigil for working just between Lucifer and I, as well the wax added another "Annointing " to the boards.
For just throwing together something in such a way, it sure seems to have yeilded more than i expected.
i am getting used to "Thats how things work out when you "Go By The Spirit- and not by “the Book”.


I’ve always found that, too much complexity is just placing conditions on magick, whereas just DOING it, that’s coming straight from the heart with no obstacles. :slight_smile: