Just had an epiphany

There I am trying to AP or ST for like an hour - breathing - moving attention etc etc from one place to another on my body. No luck.

Then all of a sudden I start to give up wake up from meditation get up etc and it hits me - you know the voice of reason.

This is easy stuff think about this logically. You AP many times when your asleep. Think about the process of sleep. Cover your eyes and then open them in COMPLETE darkness. This is the state that is necessary before you even think about AP. As you sleep you go into unconsciousness and this what you would see NOTHING but darkness. Magic is just science that is not understood. IE there is a logical methodology to all these things.

As the author Michael Moorcock once signed in a book he gave me - your own intuition is always your best advice.

I know now how to do this AP stuff Im convinced about it. Why do we make things so difficult for ourselves and why do we so often fall into the trap of going with other peoples advice rather than what we feel is the right way to go. As Dion Fortune said - magic has no place for experts.

Ill let you know how it goes on but first I need goggles or face mask that puts me in complete darkness.


“Mindfolds” (a plastic mask with foam inside so you can open your eyes) are good but I never found one that created total darkness without a scarf over the top, so if you can get one, go for it but don’t blow your budget on them - or it could of course be the shape of my own face that causes this. I like them but they’re not the ultimate in my experience, they’re also quite bulky round the front so they’re harder to wear when you’re trying to sleep or lie in any position except on your back.

I looked into total silence recently (I want to experiment with as close to sensory deprivation as I can get, plus my “LHP Yoga” stuff so the only string feedback is from my body) and it looks like the best option is those rounded-end blue foam earplugs which in my experience beat the 3M yellow ones slightly, plus some ear protectors, they start around £10 on eBay but do look for the highest decibel blockage in your price range.

Be interested to read how this works out for you, and once I have my set-up, I’ll report anything useful in its own thread… if anything does happen except me looking like a complete nutcase of course. )

If you want to do sensory deprivation you can use a hood. I was curious to do something like that for quite a long time, because my dominant sense is Kinesthetic so I wanted to get more in touch with it. Some hoods also block hearing as well as sight. As to where you obtain these they can be found anywhere that I would know or you can make one. Well I would just simply leave it tobyour imagination to figure that one out; when one is resourceful and desirous enough one tends to find just about anything.

ganzfeld ive heard it stimulates ap. Im getting really frustrated - I cant even get to vibrations.


Sometimes when i get a lot of eye strain i sit in the shower in the dark, (feels amazing if your eyes are bothering you in any way, especially after a smokey ritual or too much time on the computer)

When I do this I always get random OBEs and I start to see and converse with the occasional entity. It is so easy to relax into that mindset.

I just saw this albino Chinese style dragon who seemed halfway upset with me but i was so out of it i didn’t have any sort of conversation.

Give that a try I almost guarantee even if you don’t get out of your body you will have some sort of experience.