Just Got My Copy of "Black Magick of Ahriman"


Hundred pages in … so far just your mind, a place to soak in the sun for a few minutes, and some time.


<3 i should speak that every time i go to sleep -or to start/end a ritual with.


You can work a lot of the sorcery with just three candles. But there are some aspects of the grimoire that would require you to make a few additional items …

  • an Urn with some unusual ingredients
  • a ritual dagger
  • wooden plaques you can burn the seals into
  • Everclear, herbs, and other ingredients for the Venoms of the Divs

And I’ve just got to the point (page 189) where a hooded black ritual robe is required for a certain exercise.

I’d say you can use about 70% without any tools other than the candles.

I’ve honestly never seen another grimoire like this. It’s very unique.


It really all depends on how deep you want to delve into the current. Many of the exercises and principles take nothing but the harnessing of will and applications of effort. The Foundations of Practice section, and "evil thought, evil word, and evil deed alone will create powerful synergy and power of self transformation.


alright; you got me hooked, will be buying it. Been tempted to buy it for quite some time now.


Read it cover to cover so you know what you are getting into. If you have questions contact me here or at drakonianarkanum@gmail.com.


You could use a black hoodie if needed. All these implements are ideal. They can be adapted when possible aside from essential ingredients. Human bone powder can be obtained at Luciferian Apotheca and other places if you shop around. That’s the most “unusual” ingredient I believe.


I hear you, Kurtis. I didn’t want to step on your toes by revealing too much information from the book. I’m glad you stopped by. :smiley:


I will always be around to help guide. I am obligated to help you guys. I mean this book has the potential to unleash hell on earth. Someone has to keep you guys stable through the process. Lol! Everyone just listen to me… TRY TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! The work is presented sequentially. You need to properly prepare for and assimilate these forces. Do not hesitate to contact me.


Who’s gonna keep you stable, brother? You’re working on Book 2!!! lol


You won’t regret it.


I just ordered my copy today; anything I should Be prepared for when it arrives?


Just pay attention to what you feel when you open it. Just experience it and let us know what you experience.


Great question… as simple as it is that is the ONE question I cannot answer.


Read it from cover to cover and understand the totality of the work and you level of commitment. The book reads you not the other way around. I have had LOOONG TIME students experience adverse effects jumping into alchemical operations without prerequisite work. Take it fuckin seriously… that is my advice. Though this book can serve the beginner you gotta have respect for the work or it will fuck you up. Huh @Dea_Phoenix

I experienced this myself as the conduit and a conduit you will become. Think of an electrical conduit… If it is not in place structurally the current will bite people outside the wire. Experiences will become VERY objective and the reality of this work will take you on a tail spin. As I said… contact me with questions and follow the book. It lay it out in black and white.


EA was not lying when he said this shit is dangerous. It is not the work itself that is dangerous but the ego of the adept. I joked and said “This work is not dangerous it just lacks fundamental principles of safety”. It will fuck you up if you do not respect it. This is ancient science. RESPECT the work and how it is presented. I am here to guide but I refuse to fix everyone’s negligence in regard to reading and study. This current has been developing for years and the BEST OF US have fallen.


For you @Pwnie I would suggest practicing the Three Evil Principles along with the Foundations of Pratice. This lays a strong foundation. If you want to dig deeper start with the Ignition of the Blak Sun and then the 101 Names of Angra Mainyu. Then contact me regarding results. DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME! IT IS MY I mean MMMMYYYY OBLIGATION as the nucleus of this current to help you at no cost. You notice I am not doing consults through BALG. You notice I am not advertising spiritual work? That is nothing against BALG. It has everything to do with the integrity of me and the nature of this work. It is part of the pact. YOU PAY ME by gaining success no matter what your level of commitment.


LMAO! I love you @valkarath… you have a pure heart. You will do well with a bit of devotion.


Thanks, Kurtis. I love you too, brother. And you know I sincerely mean that.

And wait … did you tell just me I don’t have any devotion?!? @.(O)

Damn, brother. Hit me where it hurts. lol

Might as well go ahead and take a free nut shot while you’re at it. lol


LMAO! :wink: Only you know the answer to that my friend. Time will tell. :smiley: