Just Got My Copy of "Black Magick of Ahriman"


You mean there’s yet another challenge on the Path of Smoke? Surely not. :rolling_eyes: lol

Stay sane, brother.


I have kids to raise up to change the world… so I will stick around. Sanity though? Meh? Its a bit overrated.


Absolutely @KurtisJoseph I am experienced in the practice of various Magickal Arts which gave me a false confidence in understanding and undertaking this current. I jumped in the middle with the sigils and the gates and got kicked by what we will call recoil. So yeah if I want to be strong enough to handle this current I need to start over and work it step by step. I am looking forward to the work, particularly because of the preview I got when I suddenly realized that I was astral and my body was possessed by something too powerful to move. I have successfully experienced both being possessed and exorcising the unwanted possession of friends. I have a lot of experience. Here is the thing: Kurtis is on to something unlike anything that I have experienced before. The power of which is beyond anything I have ever seen. It is both subjective and has an immediate impact on the environment. :slight_smile:


I say this with EXTREME love… I have been developing this for YEARS and THE BEST OF US have fallen including myself. The book lays it out so you do not have to get fucked up. Read it and follow the sequential nature of the work.

I truly do care for you people. I have a baby and I know some of you have babies. We need not be stupid. We want to create a better world for our children. I have had MANY people seeking destruction of the world contact me lately. I told them to FUCK THEMSELVES. I refuse to sell my work to these kinds of people. I need leaders. Responsible adepts willing to grow. I do not need the fuckin money. Fuck you and your gold diggin bs… Safe world for our kids… built on REAL spiritual scientific methods of becoming something better than bullshit… Man up.


Man I wish I could be personally mentored by you in this current. I have so much more to Learn and to grow. Just saying. Anyway BALG will have to do.

Thanks for the advise and taking the time out to teach us!


My copy arrived today…and people i can tell: it gave me chills
~I was first a bit irritated, that there was no pouch like that which came with Mason’s book.
And i guess that it could be a sign of some sort, that page 283/284 is damaged,
-it looks and feels like someone or something failed to cut through the page.
[…] I don’t know if this is wishfull thinking, but i think its possible, that i should start withn Drugaskan and Arezura -before all the others presented in the book.

The book: i feel remorse, for not having any one-use gloves, to not devaluate the book with my “inpure” hands. -And the thickness of the book gives me the feeling, of holding a treasure of some sorts in my hands.

The looks of the book -if seen with the own eyes, gives me the feeling, of knowledge that is supposed to survive the teeth of the ages.

To me: it seems to be one of those books, -the kind of wich you would grab if only one or two books could fit in your hands while runnning for your life. ~The like of which must under any circumstance survive an apocalyptic scenario.
-Sorry, that i slipped into imaginative.


I ordered a 149 dollar leather copy of the Black magic of Ahriman tonight awesome can’t wait for Australia Post for delivery.


Fancy pants.


I will always answer questions to the best of my ability to mentor those walking the Path of Smoke. Start a thread in my section of this forum and I will address it for the benefit of all.

Those who show themselves devoted to their becoming through this path may also get a chance to contribute to the second book. I have yet to make any official announcements but I already have three contributors. This is necessary as the scales of the Dragon (the practitioners) are needed to better ignite the Blackened Fire of Sol within the collective.


HA! Do what thou wilt be the whole of the law! @Dea_Phoenix what are your thoughts here?
Drachir at least read the book before you do all of that. I will NEVER sway free will… but I do actually care about people. :wink:


The steps presented in the book are like rungs on a ladder. I am a free spirit and just jumped into what I thought that I was ready for. I found myself floating down a very cool hallway. When I tried to get back into my body I could not. For me this is a big deal. The first exorcism that I performed was at 15. So for me that is a big deal.


Ok. You have my attention now. I may look into this path in a few weeks. Right now i have my hands full with what Im already achieving and having to learn. But Im sure I will come to this. Attitude makes alot of difference, on whose willing to listen and learn what one has to teach or offer. So well done and well said. :grinning:


Too many people these days are putting the cart before the horse. You would not believe the simple things I have learned from these spirits that make the biggest difference. Simple shit like cooking for your kids. That fuels their soul. Feed them fast food for a week… then cook some homemade mac and cheese. Watch the difference. They will act like rabbid animals starving for love.

How does tha matter to humanity spiritually? Look at this next generation of children and contemplate that they will be the ones ruling the world. Too many people want to “Become Living Gods”, yet they cannot even be effective human beings.


Yes… to modern modes of rulership these simple things are evil which is why they are being made next to impossible… yet they are the keys to humanity as well as divinity. THE DAAAARK GODS have spoken… don’t be an asshole and don’t miss out on the small stuff. The small stuff is what we can currently control. If you do not exercise control over these little things how can you exercise power over tyranny? Its fucking logic which we a programmed to not see.

I mean … that is a small lesson learned by myself which has a great impact on my life. Much crazier and profound shit is yet to be explored by all, but the main key is that our liberation is not always so fucking mystical.


All that matters is the babies.


I agree totally.


Man I am anxious for my cooy. Although it just occurred to me. The altar making; what if it’s like kinda hard to make a private altar? Also; I guess y’all could say I could use some life change Of the positive kind. So; Ima take this with full seriousness. Also I will be making a review for this on YouTube if that’s okay. Also thanks very much Kurtis for the love and care you have shown for us and your work.


Make sure to send me a link when you make any videos of the path of smoke


I have ordered a copy of the black magic of Ahriman, i have been thinking should i be purchasing some finally ground bone powder from Luciferian apothecary and how much do i get,do i get a ounce or only a pitch for 13 dollars or should i purchase the bonepowder grave dirt bag mix, or should i wait until i finish reading the book from front to back would you let me know please


So the synchronicities are abound this week lol got my copy last week and just started the chapter on the temple of blackened fire yesturday and read whats needed for it.This last tuesday a bolt from a storm stuck a tree on my apartment complex so that’s taken care of for when i start using it in my practice. Still reading through the book for now.