Just got beat up almost died

I was in a astral projection. t was a repeat of a memory I had, and I got beat up and this time the persons dad knew what happened, he wasn’t gonna stop beating me up, my pants were at family house pants :jeans: had phone in it, but I was also in a altered state of consciousness so even tho I was being beat up I tried using my phone to call my mom to tell her I was gonna die didn’t work no service since my phone was at where I woke up in the astral projection, I tried getting on become a living god to ask for help, didn’t work no service pants at location of woke up in the astral, I tried going in the ocean to escape him from killing me didn’t work his son was yelling at him saying stop dad stop he wouldn’t.

When I woke up I could still feel energy leaving me him kicking my ass took a lot of energy

Well that can be worst sometimes in astral travel the witch can get to be eaten alive by tribes of beings :scream:


What was up with repeating the memory? Not a complete repeat of said memory, it was played out different

You are so brave,man, I can’t believe how you survived from this. Im speechless, you are my hero!!! Do you want to be our mentor here?
The forum needs you!!!

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It was an AP not a physical reality type business i never actually got beat up by his dad just a repeat of a memory accept went a different way, but thanks you

I would suggest working on shielding and protection magick. You should be getting beat up in astral projection or any other kind of way.
Also watch out for parasites.

Banishing, shielding and protection and repeat often.

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