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Hi there, would you please share your experiences with sigil magick by our friend E.A Koetting
ANd especially the experience with succubus…

Please post an intro. Also search button :wink:

Lots of us use sigil magick, but it isn’t exactly a concept by Mr Koetting.


can i use sigil magick to make some changes in my life

Any succubus lover here???

Short answer:Yes. Longer answer: Only if you actually put in the effort to build power and learn the skills necessary for ANY magic to work. Also this forum has a search function, might want to search there for some answers. Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update* This seems to be the most popular method of summoning succubi and succupedia is our resident expert.


“succubus lover” :stuck_out_tongue: here, but I don’t have any experience with sigils or summoning, it sorta happened in reverse for me, she picked me.

but I have been making sigils to Lilith and Naamah now, to show appreciation, but I can’t tell if that has made anything stronger, but it hasn’t made the experience weaker
It feels good to show affection and gratitude that way, for me atleast.


Did you had sex with succubus???

yes, I can feel her touch but can’t see or hear her.
you should ask @succupedia he has alot of experience when it comes to Succubi

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i had listened she could take any form of woman

Yeah, but the effort and work needs to be put in. Nothing is free

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What does it mean “Putting an intro”"???

Ignore it, I missed your intro. Just put in the solid work and thing will come

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Can anyone seance my enery and tell me a little about it like the feel and what spirit’s it would be good with

Wrong thread man. Go to the energy sensing thread


I don’t know how experienced you are with succubus entities, but you can start by watching this video:

Nate Bales and E.A Koetting talks about their experiences with succubus entities and it’s an interesting discussion. I don’t agree with everything they say in the video. Especially when E.A isn’t fond of “not being in control” the more he got “into it”. Because, the more we let go of the control and our ego, the more potency and power is released. Luckily, for the viewer, they also bring that up as something positive.

And our latest contributer to the succubus experience is J.D Temple:

I’ve never been fond of the idea of selling a service by evoking spirits to others, or to sell items with spirits bound to them. I also don’t like that these particular spirits and entities is generalized as something positive and “fluffy”, while their darker aspect is not, or rarely, mentioned. Sure, from a promotional point of view, this might put the interest of succubus/incubus entities to new heights once again.

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Hi, what do you need help with?

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wish I could help you, but I’m not able to communicate with my Succubus
maybe someone else can help

What forms of communication have you tried btw?

there are other ways of communicating, than getting a medium to talk for you.

you could use a pendulum, it works in a Yes/No form, so your questions have to be very basic, but it might point you in the right direction.
you can also make your own very cheap, all it takes is something moderately heavy and a piece of string, don’t make it too heavy though, the spirit has to be able to move the object, or use your energy/body to do so. something like a coin will do

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