Just felt like I had to share this from my brainfeed

If there is a true path toward emotion, it would be that of emotional potency. One doesn’t simply contemplate on the fact that their missing that femininity, but more of why they need it. A woman needs a man just as much as a man needs a woman. Emotion is a big indulgence when dealing with ones masculinity. When we let out tears it isn’t to whimper, it’s to retrace the last memory when you needed a shoulder to cry on, than to let that memory go. You can’t dig a hole if there’s roots in the way, therefore you move to an open area, and or use a diamond tip shovel. But if the roots are to thick to diminish, it means you’ve come to close to the tree. It’s time to dig somewhere else. Dig that hole and plant a new tree. After all that tree grew up from your tears. Don’t let gender minded people stand in your way. Magick is yours. Let your emotions pave the way for your magick. Sincerely… EMANRESU-


lucifer, pazazu. My brain.

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