Just did Tarot. Five of Swords. Need expert's opinion

This is to anyone with lots of experience with the Tarot.

I just did two readings. One of which I understood and the second I understand well too, but it was rather alarming.

For the second one I inquired with a past, present, future 3-card spread. For those who don’t know, I have a spirit mentor, my Shadow, and he helped me interpret the meaning, so it’s not as much that I don’t understand the answers I got, but I’m a bit unsure of what to do now.

I asked about my occult power/development.

The three cards I got were as follows:

The Past: Ace of Swords
My interpretation: I’ve largely conquered my negative thoughts. I have definitely grown in confidence with my occult practice.

The Present: 9 of Coins
My interpretation: Things are going very well right now. I have had a great success with my recent occult ritual. (See below)

The Future: 5 of Swords
My interpretation. I mean, this is generally a very frightening card to draw in the future slot. I asked my Shadow what this meant and he said it means I am going to lose a lot of friends due to my occult practice and this will be a great conflict. He did also however say, that any great growth always means a great conflict as well.

I need to mention that last night I did a ritual my Shadow gave me to open the Kimon (The demon gate where the Oni demons come through) in my house. It uses an incantation that works kind of like a password that announces your presence as a “brother” to the Oni.

What this means is that they will lend a hand to your cause. My cause, in fact, was to become an Oni. While I have done incantations that call upon the Oni for self-transformation before (I have also posted these to Hermes’s “Share your incantations” thread) they appear to be lengthy chanting processes, so my Shadow gave me this ritual to make contact with the Oni directly.

The ritual is definitely working. I felt numerous physiological effects on my body last night immediately after the ritual. A strange itching sensation flowed up my legs and back and then my muscles spasmed and churned (almost like a Kundalini awakening) when I went to bed.

My Shadow has told me that the 5 of Swords means that because of this transformation I’m going through, I will inevitably lose friends and even get into conflicts with other people too.

If anyone else has had a Five of Swords experience and is okay sharing it I could use their opinion.