Just did EA Koetting’s Spell to summon all magick powers

That was interesting. So I just finished doing Koetting’s chant to summon all magickal powers and while I was doing it I felt tingling in my left hand and developed a sharp feeling in my liver. I did the ritual to help boost my power to omnipotent levels (hence becoming a living god) and I feel a bit strange now that I’m finished. Not bad. Just a tad funny. It’s interesting that when I really started getting into it and calling the energy into me my liver felt that sensation. I’ve had an ongoing health issue with my liver and think the energy is somehow touching it. Maybe it’s healing it or trying to sooth it? Anyway I feel a bit funny in the head also, but I guess that’s to be expected with summoning ALL the magick out there. If anyone else has used this incantation Id love to hear your story!

Oh yeah for those who don’t know it, here’s the link to the page where I got it: