Just bought my first deck

So I bought the Thoth deck. I would like to use it on myself at first. I know I gotta learn all the cards and meanings. But like when I shuffle them do I need to be in a trance? I’m kind of confused after that part. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to use them to maybe talk to spirits ? Is that possible ? I’m still a newbie. I have a lot of questions I’m sorry.


First thing, cleanse your deck. Many options here, but I like to stick them in a bowl of salt overnight. Also, take it with you and sleep with it for a few days so it’s in tune with your energy.

When you shuffle, think of your question. Keep thinking of it and you’ll know when to stop shuffling.

And remember, tarot doesn’t tell you what will be written in stone because nothing is. It’ll show you a snapshot of basically " if things keep going as they are." So it’s really good to ask questions like " what can I do to …" Then you’ll start to see how you can make changes.


I don’t think anyone minds questions as long as we see you are making an effort to do the work. You don’t need to be in a trance when you shuffle the cards. When you lay them out, gaze into them and let them speak to you. This entails a degree of trance. The meanings in the book are only rough guides. What the cards are speaking to you take precedence over the book meanings

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As @Faustus said, let the cards speak to you. Try this:


Somehow I missed this, but if you proceed as we suggested, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.


True…or at least get a general understanding of the standard interpretations. However, your personal intuition is always more valuable than the “official” meaning of a card.

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