Just at the beginning of my Luciferian/Satanic Journey :-)

Hi there everyone, I’m fairly new to Luciferianism, I only really got into it maybe 2 years ago but I’ve been performing evocations, doing serious rituals in regards to Luciferian magick for about a year.

Just wanted to make myself known. I’m not expecting many replies & that’s totally fine. :slight_smile: But anyhow, I’m happy to help anyone and everyone in this forum when and where I can and I ask for the same from everyone here. :metal:t4:

I am interested in getting into necromancy as I am very attracted to Death energy, divination also fascinates me & I wish to achieve financial success most of all, through calling on the demons, spirits, kings, queens, Gods and Goddesses of the Ars Goetia & the Greater & Lesser Keys of Solomon :slight_smile:


Welcome @Niantiel69

Where are you from?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions beyond the religion of Luciferianism?

Hi there @DarkestKnight, I’m from the United Kingdom, England specifically.

I was raised Catholic, at about 15/16 I got into new age spirituality and around 17 I got into Wicca, now in my mid-20’s, after many many years of research and studying demonology I’m finally ready to take the dive.

I’ve grown tired of my present lifestyle and desperately need a financial change and a change of scene. I know Lord Satan & Father Lucifer and their legions can help me with this, in return I am prepared to lose the parts of myself that no longer serve me or my purpose. And of course I make some pretty rad offerings for the demons I evoke.


Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and again, welcome to the BALG forum.

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I generally don’t like talking about myself too much, but I guess the partial anonymity makes me feel a little better. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: looking forward to reading and learning from your experiences!


Thank you very much @moodybimbo for the warm welcome. :slight_smile:

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