Just an intro!

Hi! I’m a newbie and here to introduce myself as per the rules of the site

I’m not a practicer of these arts but I’ve recently become interested in many aspects

I don’t wish to bother anyone and I do apologize if I’m in the wrong place since I don’t have any experience until recently

I wanted to ask a question about a spell that was recently casted for me , if that’s alright I’ll make another post about it I guess

Please feel free to talk to me.

Thank you for reading


Welcome @Newjeansnewbie Please tell us about yourself.

Where are you from?

What are your areas of interest?

What are looking to learn more about?

I’m from US

I’m mainly interested in black magic , but I’m open to learning about anything and everything

Hope to hear anecdotes of what’s worked for y’all and what hasn’t

Anything really!

Anything specific? In order to help provide you with direction, it is helpful to our members know what exactly you are looking for. Magick is a vast field.

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Yes I understand

Im not exactly sure how to word it; but I’ll try
Some stuff aside from black magic

Love / obsession spells

Spells for beauty / good luck


Etc etc . Still not sure how to express myself throughly since I’m so new , so I’ll keep reading and add more when I see more that sparks an interest ~