Just a thought

Since they say we are all essence of some sort of divine being, can you become a entity as itself and worship your own being? Is it possible to manifest what you always wanted but spiritually? I was thinking of law of attraction and wondering if it’s real but also wondering if you’re a lonely soul can you realize that youre a divine infinite and worship yourself as a being? Not needing any companion or anyone else and getting everything you’ve always wanted in this physical world… they say your mind is the most powerful but like been wondering to activate all levels i feel there’s something there. Just venting and writing thoughts hope this makes sense.

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Hello arisingmoon,

It is possible to align your energies/resonance to a certain spirit. If you are able to keep it aligned, you basically become a part of it. Since the both of you will be operating in the same frequency. This frequency alignment normally occurs when channeling a spirit.


Thanks ive been trying that out with aphrodite i feel i can align my energy with her , shes my favorite goddess i leave a lot of pearls , clamshells and rose quartz for her on my alter.:cupid: