Just a story I thought I'd share

So, last night I went to a strip club in the city. It was one I’ve never been to. Anyway, I saw next door was a church. Not one of those fancy looking churches, like with the pointed roofs and spires. Just a regular square building painted white. I smirked at the idea of the two businesses sitting next to one another. It reminded me of that story of Lavey’s experiences playing the organ at a carnival.

So, I go in and I mention the church next door. One of the girls said that the church’s owner tried to buy the club to turn it into a parking lot. And when that didn’t work, they tried to sue. Obviously, they weren’t successful. I couldn’t help but to laugh and even feel a sense of prideful triumph. However, many of the dancers were involved in witchcraft to varying extents. Course, that to me is typical in these places.

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