(Just a random idea) Demonic Siddhis by chanting 10800 times of Demonic Enns - Is that possible?

Recently I researched about siddhis and their applications, and a weird idea came up. While siddhis are exclusive(?) to Hindu pantheon, and are usually attained through the mantras of Hindu deities, the demonic enns, IMO, aren’t quite different from Hindu mantras. So I think chanting the demonic enns 10800 times might bring something similar to the power of siddhis, this is just a random (and probably stupid) idea however. I’d like to hear your opinions. Also, has anyone tried it before? What’s your experience?

Edited : I forgot to put that, regarding the siddhi, siddhi is the power that is usually attained by chanting a Hindu mantra 10800 times or more. (Please correct me if my explanation is wrong.) I hope you understand.

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If you do the Enn 108 times each day for 100 days, that would 10800 times. 10,000 days would be ALMOST 30 years. 10,000 times 108 times a day would be 1,080,000 times. 30 years =10,950 days. So in 90 years, 32,850 days,108 times daily is 3,240,000 times. If one starts at 10 years old and ends at 100 years old, this is the count. , If I did the math correct. If one does the chief Demons daily, at least 7 Demons, for each chakra, day of the week. Lots of Demonic energy… Questions ?, “wtf”???


You’ll have to look at the mechanics of Mantras. The sounds of the letters used matters a lot. In fact, the sound is the Meaning! I’m sure doing an enn chant for a long time will put the entity under your control.

It’s not always a good idea though

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I have heard Beethoven and others have said it takes 1,000 repetitions for someone to believe something. For it to get into their subconscious. So that MIGHT merge the Demon’s energies and powers with the person mermanently.

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If it takes you a thousand times repeating something to get the full intent of it in your brain… You need to exercise your brain with mundane things more. It ain’t working properly.


Okay maybe a thousand times is not too much, I have done it. In trance it just goes on and on and it’s hard to count but it could go higher if its fast and well done. But there is no need to over do it. Even less spending a life doing it.

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If you go to the “Satan and Suns” YouTube channel and watch a couple of the videos on Mammon, Akelta talks about how her mentor would repeat Mammons enn TONS.

Never mentions anything about siddhis, but she does talk about how it attunes you to that demons energy and brings you closer to them. Helps them interact with you better because you’ll be more energetically synchronised with them, or something of that nature.

Might depend on the spirit too, cuz some of them might get annoyed.

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Erm… my apology, I don’t understand your point. May you explain please?

Hmm… I have no comment on this but it’s surely an interesting point. I have no intention to control demons though.

I hope someone tries and comes back to report. :grin:

…Well, this practice, the siddhi attainment, has been practiced in Hinduism for thousands(?) years. Many gurus chant the deities’ mantras daily, and some followers even try 1,080,000 times. It’s not unusual in that tradition, but it might be weird(?) in the darker occult community, so my idea of utilising demonic enns came.

Please correct my if I’m wrong.

Hmm, from my knowledge, that’s the nature of the demonic enns, to attune the practitioners to the demons, but that’s nothing like siddhis though. I see your point however. The “some of them might get annoyed” part is really interesting as well.

To everyone posted in this thread, thank you!

I’d like to hear and learn more, so if anyone has something to share please do so. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s the difference though:

The purpose of the Hindu mantras is to invoke the gods, and the siddhis result as a by product of this.

The purposes of demonic enns arev to inoke the energy of a specific demon, communion, and calling forth, so they would not produce siddhis no matter how often you chant them, because that is not what they are for.


Siddhis are not exclusive to the Hindu system of magick and neither are they reliant on the number of times you chant something. The number of times you chant something is absolutely meaningless and shows a deep misunderstanding of how these system function. The number of times you need to repeat a mantra is not an absolute number but more a measurement of dedication and energy. You don’t just chant the mantra each repetition is itself an exercise of your power and being. In essence it is the number of times you must perform a ritual or spell. If you just chant it you will gain nothing but psychosomatic benefits.

It should be said these so called siddhis are powers that are latent in all living beings and can be unlocked through the mind. Mantras and their exercises are just one way to unlock these and so is any other practice of magick or mental mastery. Most of which are outdated for the modern day. They do work fantastically yes but there are simply better methods developed out there that can work much faster and much more efficiently if properly followed. The best of which relies on training your mind and perception to the heights of perfection which as a natural result will unlock more of what your mind is actually capable of.

It can be said Siddhis are simply a mastery of a mental action and associated knowledge and the wisdom to properly apply it. If you perfect your golf swing that can be defined as a siddhi except siddhi applies towards mental action rather than solely physical.

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I never heard about other methods/traditions to attain siddhis before. This is interesting. Thank you.

I’m sorry, I fail to see the difference. Could you please clarify?

Generally all magical traditions have them but by various names. For instance masters in say Goetia are suppose to be able to achieve anything from shapeshifting to teleportation through power of those spirits and the talismans made from them. Hermetic traditions you hear and transforming the weather and reality. Many eastern traditions have incredible abilities that can be obtained through qi whether in the use of martial arts such as energetically repelling or crippling an attacker to the transformation of matter.

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