Just a few questions

Ok here is a few questions that I didn’t feel warranted a full topic.

I keep seeing the number 444 in my dreams. Before I thought this was related to a negative numerology omen 141 that I use in order to alert me to potential danger. But I’ve done some divination on this and apparently it’s a good sign. I have no Idea the magical significance of it though. Any Ideas from those who are much further into numerology than I am?

I keep getting inner visions(images that I can see with my eyes closed, actually see) but most of the times if it is not geometric shapes, it is completely random useless information(such as a wall with graffiti on it that looks like it was taken from an old photo.) and any effort to control the information I am getting results in the total collapse of the imagery, any Ideas on how to turn this amazing, yet totally useless turn of events into something I can use. I feel like that guy who discovered he had telekinesis, only to discover he could only move objects 3 inches.

if any of you are writers, I have about 10 unfinished blog post on my computers, and seem to start a new post before I finished the last one. Any Ideas on controlling the flow of creativity, and finishing the post you start.

Also Any of you notice that you can cause change sometimes just by willing it. A few times in job corp I shit wound up happening the way I wanted it to without me doing anything more than talking to a spirit(who may not have even been a spirit but a thought form) and giving it a command. No ritual, to T/G sync, nothing besides emotion and intent. I wouldn’t depend on it but I wanted to see how common this is.

any advice on these questions would be greatly appreciated.

here is a stichomancy reading I did on the 444…

  1. THE SAGE AS ASTRONOMER.–So long as thou feelest the stars as an “above thee,” thou lackest the eye of the discerning one.

  2. It is not the strength, but the duration of great sentiments that makes great men.

  3. He who attains his ideal, precisely thereby surpasses it.

73A. Many a peacock hides his tail from every eye–and calls it his pride.

  1. A man of genius is unbearable, unless he possess at least two things besides: gratitude and purity.

  2. The degree and nature of a man’s sensuality extends to the highest altitudes of his spirit.

the above is out of Beyond good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche… the of the book itself may be the answer.

and then I got the card Queen of Pentacles. which makes me think it is related to prosperity because 4 is related to the material world.

I’ll take a crack at it.

The way early Judaic Numerology was explained to me by a Jewish Mystic in Florida is. That the number 3, or things appearing in threes, signified God or the Godhead, seven was completion or perfection while six was imperfection or something that was not complete. So according to them 777 was a prefect Godhead or a prefect God while 666 is an imperfect God or an impostor.

Four is the number of Man or of the Earth. So 444 could signify becoming a God over the Earth (material realm) or completing the Earthly realm (your Earthly Empire) Also 4 is the number of Jupiter, expansion and growth.

But I would do some divination on this as this was explained to me almost 10 years ago.

I hope this helps.

it makes sense. I don’t trust anything I find on the internet on the subject, because most of it strikes me as new age bullshit that has become so diluded from it’s original content that It may as well not even be usable.