Jupiter's Powers

Hello I recently decided to have an good look into working with Jupiters energies for wealth and other forms of abundance, I only know however the most basic stuff on Jupiter (roman god of wealth) if anyone has any helpfull links to information on summoning and working with Jupiter then please help me know about it, thanks for reading my request and I look forward to learning more stuff from your replies, :slight_smile:

Pick up a copy of Jason Miller’s book Financial Sorcery. It’s all about Jupiter.


Thanks for the fast reply, :slight_smile:

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also try 7 occult money ritual i forgot the author but you try to look that title on amazon… it also have some work with jupiter and from experience i can tell you its work really really amazing

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Henry Archer I must admit I read that through twice and tried some of it and I couldn’t get it to work but I do find that Jason Millers book that I am working with at the moment has some very powerful sigils for Jupiter in it and sofar after a week it’s looking very promising