Jupiter and saturn magicks

Hey all, did you hear about the anomaly happening between jupiter and saturn, if not google it for more details, I bad at explaining.
Can anyone share their experience using jupiter/saturn seals and sigils and how they would modify theirs for the occasion?

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Hi, I don’t know too much about Jupiter and Saturn seals and sigiles. But I can tell you a bit more in depth about what will be occurring.

Júpiter and Saturn conjoin every 20 years. This one differs from any since 1623. This is the closest Jupiter and Saturn will be in over 2000 years. Many astrologers can affirm we are entering a time like no other. This transit will be in Aquarius. So we will see more Aquarian themes become part of our life rapidly. This also signals rapid changes in the way we live and interact within our society. We are expected to see an increase in humanitarian issues better resolved. As well as incredible advances in technology.

These planets set off the next 7 years of our lives. Jupiter and Saturn will start the long term planet transits in Aquarius. It will be exciting to see how this unfolds.

My advice on a personal note would be to envision your future goals and self. Because this is the perfect transit to set you free of old dynamics and views of yourself. If you are waiting for a certain change to happen it will most likely come in the coming year or 2022. I hope this helps you get the results you are looking for astrologically. Hopefully someone can help you with the magic portion.

Good luck!


I don’t like using Saturn energy with Jupiter because it restricts the abundance to some degree… but they both work well for protection! They even everything out when you use them together! So I see this as a reset point! But be aware it reset the positive and the negative at once! So losing what you have extra is possible! Saturn doesn’t take what you need but takes the access of it! And Jupiter increase on what you have!


Aquarius is also the exaltation of Saturn, so that planet will be in its place of joy, just as an FYI.


To this point, that may be true, but if Saturn or Jupiter are your doms, you should know how to work around these restrictions, and it lends itself to doing that wonderfully. I’ve used Jupiter and Saturn to expand things beautifully just fine, and it’s worked like a charm. Just takes some extra tuning and planning/thought into what you want to achieve.

Any practiced planetary magician should have no issues using Jupiter and Saturn to their fullest, and most beneficial expressions, if they know how and what they’re doing. In fact, my first planetary spell with Jupiter and Saturn ended up in me tripling my coin, and getting a promotion (something I didn’t intend), and that outcome is still prevalent to this day. :wink:


Yes the traditional ruler for Aquarius:) will be interesting to see. Especially starting off the beginning of the year in February because there will be 7 planets in Aquarius :black_heart:


You referring to this. Yes I knew about it and I’ve git plans to utilize it. :grinning:


Saturn exult in Venus not Aqua my friend.

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You mean exalted in Libra. The lord of Libra is Venus. Aquarius is Saturn’s own home.

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Yes, this is what I meant. Sorry for any confusion!

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Dealing with all planetary magic is and can be very dangerous ,given your experience in dealing with high magic. With that stated their are some entities that are natural bound to those planets and you could use one of them for the purposes. Since I don’t really know your goal is hard to recommend a entity that would fit

Aha Libra’s Lord is obviously undeniably Venus. But which planet exalts in Libra you think? :metal:t3:

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ay, Im a libra, yeah dont know what that implies but I am ruled by venus

That’s what I said!

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