[July 14] HERBARIUM DIABOLICUM By Edgar Kerval & E.A. Koetting

Herbarium Diabolicum by Edgar Kerval & E.A. Koetting

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Learn sinister shamanism for the Left Hand Path, and homebrew mind-altering magick experiences. Learn the prohibited rites and recipes of The Devil’s Plants (entheogens) for unholy gnosis with Hekate, Samael, Lilith, Moloch & the Qliphothic Gods & Goddesses. Featuring the newest discoveries in psychotropic magick, let Edgar Kerval & E.A. Koetting guide you through direct gnosis with the dark gods, and initiate you in the Green Kingdom, Tuesday, July 14.

In Herbarium Diabolicum, you are going to learn:

  • Dark witchcraft of sacred plants for spirit contact
  • The Cauldron of Lucifer for inner fire alchemy
  • Homebrew tinctures for organic necromancy
  • Rite of the Peyote, a.k.a. the “Diabolical Root"
  • Forbidden formulae for fetishes with illicit plants
  • Organic incenses & manifestation bases for gnosis with Qliphothic Gods & Goddesses
  • How to safely brew & consume entheogens
  • Sinister history of the ultimate shamanic experiences with entheogens & psychedelics
  • And MUCH more…

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