Judgement day real?

Yeah, I think I’ve read something like this too. I think regardless of any prediction it’s almost impossible a WWIII don’t happen, even if it after our generation. Humans are too predispose at wars.

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I believe in Apocalypse, the Final Judgment and maybe (most probably) paradise after. I dont ebelieve it will happen according to St ?John’s apocalypse. It will happen on a different manner. I dont believe Jesus will be involved in this (or rather is he that important as in Christianity). I also dont believe in theories that resemble eternal recurrence, for it makes no sense (though I am not so sure of that). Justice and Armageddon are what give meaning to this worldly existence and to this all. thx

This is a longer and important topic and i dont want to expand on this now

Edit: I also believe this life is some kind of a trial from God, some confirmation on behalf of God that you are meant to be granted heaven. I also believe demons and God ale collaborating with each other and it is not contradictory to praise Satan and God and the same time. I dont know if i believe in the concept of gnostic demiurge YHWH/ Yaldabaoth

I am not 100% sure of all that

No, it isn’t real. all religions steal what is before them.

In all honesty my opinion is that “judgement” day is when the reality of all their bullshit comes to light and people finally see through the lies they’ve been fed. Those who see truth stand up and fight angry as fuck. The remaining will hold to their belief systems cause that’s all that they have to keep their bullshit reality intact and/or their entire foundation is built on it, etc. In the end shits gonna hit the fan and we’re all gonna have to man up and fight or fall in line.