Judgement day real?

I know the christianity story which i dont agree with can someone tell me whats really gonna happen



Every religion and ideology loves apocalypse scenarios.
The end is near, do what I say to be saved!
Bs in my opinion.


The video is brutal😓


No one can tell you what is really going to happen, it’s literally impossible there’s no definite future and you’d probably be dead before it happened if it were to happen.


I don’t think we’ll ever know. But in my opinion, the end of the world( if it happens) won’t be very religious. Climate change and global warming play a huge part in this, as well as the oceans and such.


There’s no way to know what will happens in the future. The only certain is that it will end someday, cause we don’t know how to take care of Earth, so it won’t least forever. It could be just the end of the resources, or could be some supernatural apocalypse, or even alien invasion or even some crazy shit that the scientists will do. It will end but it’s impossible to know how. Supernatural speaking I kind feel there’s a unfinished business out there between the gods, and not apocalypse but maybe some big war between them will happen some day.

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Judgement day? No. End of the world? For sure, but that will be long after the last human walks the Earth.


Its gonna be a good movie anyways. :dizzy_face:

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World’s gonna end someday, the human race, this planet, and eventually the whole universe. Whether that’s really “the end” or more of a restart, who knows.


It’s interesting how the word Apocalypse has become synonymous with the word Armageddon

  • " Apocalypse " (ἀποκάλυψις) is a Greek word meaning “revelation”, “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling”.

  • Armageddon (/ˌɑːrməˈɡɛdən/, from Ancient Greek: Ἁρμαγεδών Harmagedōn, Late Latin: Armagedōn, from Hebrew: הר מגידו Har Megiddo) is the prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times.

To me this is limiting and incorrect, The Cosmos has no beginning and no end, it is infinite both macro-cosmically and micro-cosmically.

It’s is an endless fractal, constantly creating and renewing itself. Things do not end, they are immortal, things are not born, they are Reborn.

You are here. :point_down:

Cataclysm is synonymous with the human experiences as well as Life as a whole.

Worlds are in collision on a constant basis and its not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of when.

And how humans will respond to it when the time comes.

Will we succumb to Oblivion or will we rage against the modern world and the Kali Yuga and bring about the Golden age.

Time will tell.

Tune in next week, for the next episode of Theogenesis: Earth



Some say the world will end in fire
Some say in ice
From what I’ve tasted of desire,
I hold with those who favor fire.
But from what I know of hate,
I know that ice is also great
And would suffice.
-Robert Frost

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I don’t think the universe will end at all, creation will not have an end, that includes the universe, however. There is a theory that in many many years from now long after humans of now are gone, this galaxy will merge with the Andromeda galaxy and who knows maybe a new evolution of man will come :wink: but anyway, it’s unlikely there will be a “judgement” day.

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Civilisations rise and fall, but humans are as adaptable as rats and some will survive to carry on…

Until the sun dies, which it will eventually. The sun drives the climate. It’s too small to go nova, it will become a red giant and then shrink. The Earth will be too cold to sustain life at that point.


Judgement day and the “end of the world” have been predicted for thousands of years. Remember back in 2012 everyone thought the world was going to end? I see the apocalypse and judgement day as another cheap tactic religions use to induce fear in society.

This vulnerable blue world of ours will end one day. That’s a certainty. Yet it’s up to us on how exactly and how soon it happens. Climate change, Nuclear War, Disease, any one of those could end us in a split second. Or if we are lucky, our planet may stick around until the Sun consumes it.

Yet even if we die, I personally don’t beleive its the end of “us” or life as we know it. The universe is infinite, it would be foolish to say there’s not some other civilization out there thriving. Perhaps us humans will figure out a way to escape our impending doom and survive and continue on our species.

What I do know is judgement day isn’t real, and if it is well I’ll make sure to give god the finger before he casts me into Hell.

It’s gonna be lit​:joy: literally​:fire::fire::fire:



Maybe a huge tsunami

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I have read somewhere that its going to be a war between humans, i mean like the world war or a chemical warfare

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:grin: me too i dont think the judgement day is real

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Ah, there are a lot of theories, religious concepts thrown around here and there about this…
some say “the true god will destroy the world, repent for your sins and you will be forgiven” and all that hocus pocus, some states that “jesus christ will be reincarnated and then the entire world will be under his hand which will proceed the end of the world’s first beginning.”… different ideologies and sayings have been told… but eventually as Maulbeere has said humanity will eventually adapt.

The day of Lavos will be at hand!! Oh wait, that was supposed to be 1999 I think.
No I don’t believe in judgement day. Judgement by what?