Has anyone ever heard of a Demon called Jubilex, i heard the name from somewhere, don’t know much about him.:metal:


Some say just a Lovecraft inspiration like ability.

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Thank you, is he a violent entity.


Generally. Slimes consume and eat even each other. It’s generally mocked by other demon lords and arch devils. Gods prefer to keep it off their boots and the being of the upper planes would rather see it burnt to oblivion.

I wouldn’t say the Lady of Fungi Zuggtmoy gets along with “it” either. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zuggtmoy


If you like mucky slurpy beings then perhaps

“As the PCs approach, the waters whisper to the Fulsome Queen and she casts her mind out to them once they come within range of her telepathy. She invites them to the “headwaters of the river of bliss,” up past the source of the cataract, and promises to aid them if they can in turn help her. Although an omox demon, a creature made of living filth and excrement, the Fulsome Queen does her best to shape her form into one she imagines will be pleasing to her visitors in a misguided attempt to set them at ease. Her form is that of a partially solid succubus made of sludge and foul-smelling seepage. Likewise, her manner in speaking to the PCs is overwhelmingly complimentary and flattering, almost sycophantic in its fawning excess.
>Once the Fulsome Queen agrees to aid the PCs, she accompanies them throughout the mines until she gives up and flees (see the Morale section of her stat block). For the duration of this adventure, she remains loyal to the PCs despite her demonic nature
Would you a poop girl?”