I want to share my experience , started in November 2019 , in working with Sachiel and Jupiter planet( mostly influenced by Pauline Arts)
I needed this to become a better individual , prosperity , self-esteem and, at that time, for a new home .

Ritual :

Did the Pentacle on the Day and Hour of Jupiter and on it’s back Kamea with my name traced +
Sachiel sigil


1.lighted up my white candle ( only use white ) and recited the vers from the Pentacle
2.candle meditation till the flame turned blue and purple so I welcomed Sachiel
3.started meditation ( meditation felt differently that with the other Arhangels, this time complete blackness and a very strong disciplinary feeling )

Situations that occurred End Nov/December:

France has very expensive private rents , at least for me ! It’s better to live in HLM ( rents given by social services ) but the waiting time in overpopulated cities is…unknown
I was very depresed as I was waiting for 1 year already .
I was even in priority on the list due my divorce but the entirely year nothing !
At the end on December just before Christmas got my apartment
It felt like Sachiel heard me …

January/February: During the " recharge" of the Pentacle and into my meditation with Sachiel I started seeing sewings machines
I was wandering for long , what am I good at , what is my passion ??
Then I had a dream where an old lady offered to teach me to sew ( but maybe because I was already doing researches about this ) :face_with_monocle:

Mars: when I lost my home , I lost the furniture , electronics, everything! I only had my clothes and my books :slight_smile:
The pressure of buying everything from washing machine , dishes etc etc was starting to put it’s amprent on my pocket !
The Covid quarantine was slowly starting too .
One day at work ( cleaning industry) i meet this new woman who was kicked out from the people giving her and her family accomodation
Soooo I let them stay with me , we started share rent and bills which helped me alot get back on my feet .
The strange thing was that she knew how to use a sewing machine and teached me !!!

June : On a short term , finally been able to save money from a loooong time .

What Sachiel thought me : Order and Discipline
Curious to see others experiences with him :slight_smile:
Have a blessed day


I really loved reading that extract from your journal. You had a very tough time but you survived through hard work, discpline and pure will power. To go from having no home to getting your own appartment. Sachiel presented you with opportunities and you took them and put in the hard work. Awesome job. Hearing your story is an inspiration. Keep practicing your magick as you are making it work. You can have a great sense of pride and acomplishment. Well done again :metal:


Thank you I appreciate it :pray:
Of course this all happened after some years of meditation , aura and chakra working .
Only then I was able to feel changes in my behavior and life

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You are welcome. You have proven that with dedication and discipline that you can manifest things you need in your life. Those years of hard work are starting to pay off and that has given you momentum, keep this momentum going as I feel things are going to get even more active for you with your magick practice and you will level up in your magickal skillset and evolve; you are evolving now and your journal extract is a testament to that.


Thanks for you kind words :pray: best of wishes for you


Again you are welcome…blessings to you @Jorjet :heart::metal:



Thank you for sharing your experience and work. I have never worked with Sachiel, but after your experience, I want to learn more about Sachiel and eventually form a relationship.

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Good job

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A very important change is going to occur in my life . Last year, i’ve worked my magic to change my career , have more money to make my own business and get a financial education.

Some negative thoughts and old habits , started to knock at my door :eyes:making me loose focus , energy and lose control over my anger issue.
So, after a nightmare i had with vampires draining a woman , i realized my fears and negativities try me again hard .

When they knoc, i invite them at coffee!
I listen to them ! I understand them , so after the coffee is done :coffee: they SHOULD be done too!
With some guidance and help from magic !

The Circle of Power is a ritual that helped me get over problems and insecurities in past .
Learning certain attributes/ qualities from Archangels to use them for discipline, personal growth etc.
In the same time, to make them work togheder on my path.

13 March night Circle of Power:
•started meditating on solfeggio frequencies with my quartz crystal and my divination lamp.

•demanded :
Rafael in front of me ( heal, opens new roads for me , shows me ways and posibilities)
Gavriil at my back ( better understanding situations, thoughts )
Mihail at my right ( gives me courage and power)
Uriel ( maintain focus and creativity)
• when i felt them present , i visualized a white ray from my hearth chakra , expanding till all of us are united through it
• Metatron from above ( mediator )
• I visualize a second white ray that comes from Metatron to my crown chakra

They let me know i must not stay to much concentrated on the negative side. Souls have seasons just like nature
Always remember what I am grateful for in my life and how much i evolved.
Meditate more on gratefulness and self forgiveness
•close the ritual
•when i was done time was 10:20 pm


14 March Circle of Power
started meditating on solfeggio frequencies with my quartz crystal and my divination lamp.

•demanded :
Rafael in front of me ( heal, opens new roads for me , shows me ways and posibilities)
Gavriil at my back ( better understanding situations, thoughts )
Mihail at my right ( gives me courage and power)
Uriel ( maintain focus and creativity)
• when i felt them present , i visualized a white ray from my hearth chakra , expanding till all of us are united through it
• Metatron from above ( mediator)
• I visualize a second white ray that comes from Metatron to my crown chakra

As advised i meditated on gratefulness and self forgiveness mantras

•close the ritual
• when i was done time was 10:10 pm

My crown chakra felt very… heavy. Had the impression i was burning alive ! :hot_face:
I observed after the meditation , i was full of anger and angoise along with my chest feeling very heavy too .

During the night , i dreamt i was literally burning alive . Pieces of myself starting to fall leaving me with holes all over my body
I lied down and heard myself saying I AM RELIVED

Next day , as happened in my dream , i was relieved , focused and in a good mood .


Finally an update, nice. :+1:

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Thank you @Vandheer
Been some time i am here but never talked much about my practices
Always been very empowering to see your works :blush:

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15-21 March
Last week , introspection and controlling my ego were the main chapters .

Mornings are very difficult periods for myself, so I decided to add THAI CHI exercices and the alternate nostril breathing.
•Morning Streche
•Qi Washing Crown
•Qi Washing Third Eye
•Qi Washing Dan Tien
•Qi Washing Root
•Kindney Activation
•Lung Activation
•Raw Forward
•Raw Back
I have to note that , alternate nostril breathing paid an IMMENSE impact on my stress and anger management this week . Helped a lot

•quiting social media helped to manage my time better
•isolation and fasting were hard but very helpful to understand my thoughts, develope DISCIPLINE ,endurance and focus.

CREATED A SECOND SELF years ago to help to help my CURRENT SELF evolve .
At first, it started involuntary when i was young .
I think my brain use it as a method to hide from trauma 🤷
I would imagine a perfect self and how it will react in different situations , visualize this perfect self very detailed in different scenarios etc
Only years after , i realized this helped me shape new patterns of thoughs and behavior .
Later, as i started invoking Archangels, it become even more easily to develop specific qualities.
Note that I needed them to help me not get to attached to my second self and ground myself :pray:


21-26 March
Continuated with Circle of Power ritual at night .
I still feel the chest pressure on my chest and around the bottom of my head.

At morning, as i got more used with the Thai Chi exercises , i can now concentrate more into visualisation of the energy flow.
Note that , row foward exercise makes my chest pressure to go away ( need more research on this )

I don’t consider as healthy, extreme laid back and extreme calmness.
At least, for myself , this has lead me to lazynes and unproductivity.
In the same time, nighter the over agitated i must do everything mentality. That lead me to stress , over worried myself.
In past, i was throwing myself like a ping pong ball into this extreme sides.
• Realize it
•Accept it! Internal shame ( if i can call it like that) is what keeped myself from changing .
Never beat yourself up !!


March 26-31
Circle of Power
When i made my request , i knew a “storm” is going to come because that’s how and when you learn to master yourself.

In my journey of mastering my anger issues , i had to go back to where it all started. During my childhood and teenage , i was surrounded by and supported a lot of violence.
That is when , i associated Violent People = Strong People subconsciously
Later i started questioning if my violent behavior was coming from the lack of power and the self-defenselessness emotions i was repressing deep down .

I spend two years doing magic on and for someone else , changing him was my biggest success . It brought me self esteem and justice. But, somewhere in the process, i had gathered the anger and violent behavior i hated and a jealousy for what I was able to do for that person.
At first, i was ashamed to admit it🙂 but now it’s time to do for myself what i did for others.

Thai Chi&Breathing Technique
The chest pressure is completely gone now , i think my heart chakra really needed this. I feel relieved!
Now, while doing the exercices, the pressure moved in my right leg.
It made me think it has something to do with being born with a shorter leg, so the other one supports more pressure :thinking:will see if they help in here too

While doing the exercices, i started visualitating the energy movement and flow. I started feeling how i move it up and down with my hands.

The alternate nostril breathing made me nauseous in the begining but now my mind feels sharper. It even helps my eyes to be more focused


1-9 April
Qi gong -I added new postures to my Qi practice as:
•Pressing up to the Heavens
•Drawing the Bow
•Separating Heaven and Earth
•Wise Owl gazes backwards
•Big Bear turns from Side to Side
•Touching the toes and bending backwards
•Clenching fists with an angry gaze
•Stretching the body

Breathing and intention
When i inhale,new fresh energy entres my body, when i exhale, i direct the energy through specific parts of my body .
Use visualisation, and focus intention on the feeling that i am able to inhale life force , then direct it through my body.
Synchronize breathing with movements.

Till now , as i added new exercices , getting use with them and making the postures more stronger and potent is kinda hard.
My legs shake , my breathing becomes harder and it’s like all my medical conditions get on the surface. It made me be more aware of my body and better take care of it!
My general mood afterwards is more focused and a boosted energy level, for a couple of hours.

Circle of Power:
Water in dreams represents our deepest emotions, denotes our emotional state , subconscious mind.
All the dreams that involved water were actually nightmares! As i will always end drawing inside.
Lately, i had my first dream that i wasn’t terrified of water nor did I draw in it, so I decided to do the Circle of Power inside water.

After doing the LBRP, i demanded Archangels presence and found myself floating on a cloud, being at complete peace with myself.
As i floated mindfulness, completely forgotten i am in water, my chest raised and from somewhere deep in my core i heard" The two sides of a men, power and justice, should be softened by forgiveness and understanding"

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Qi qong Morning
I realized i wasn’t comfortable enought doing the Ba Duan Jin exercices as i couldn’t actually keep the postures still , lack of strenght in my muscles, so i decided to practice more.

I added 1 daily hour of muscle, tendons straightening exercices(Yi Jin Jing) from the Shaolin temple.Expected to have a fever but actually, i got more control over the Ba Duan Jin postures and managed to keep them still and strong.

I could further advance more on the breathing, intention and awareness.
Body awareness exercice found online at Shaolin Temple
•feet about shoulder wide
•knees a little bend
•hip tuck in
•lower back pushed out
•chin pulled towards the chest
•feel the top of the head suspended from above.
Stay and feel each section of your body from feet to head, release the tension at each section, pay attention to weight distribution(toe and heel)

Biggest tensions i gather in my right leg and back due to medical conditions and it tends to ameliorate as i continue this practice.
In past, i did pilates, kinetotherapy and electrical stimulation( been told my body is not receptiv) but nothing really ameliorated my pains till now.

Breathing and intention:
I continued with : inhaling energy/exhaling it throu different areas of my body.
I actually, depending on posture, visualize different energy color and their specific qualities (green-health, red-strainght etc)
I am curious about how this will continue, as in the last days , i started actually seeing color shapes with my eyes.

I really needed to find this video!
“Sensual mind
Negative mind
Slothful mind
Unsettled mind
Skeptical doubt”

“Align and structure your life in a way to prevent these hindrances”

“1. Recognize
2. Accept
3. Investigate
4. Non-Identity”

Circle of Power:
I still have in mind the last words i heard while doing the ritual in water. It made me think of the Sephiroth…
I cleaned, did banishing in my house and feelt the need to write with olive oil sacred names in the corners of my altar.

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You are standing in your power. :+1:

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