Journal of dreams/visions/scans

So I thought I would create a little journal to keep track of dreams that seem relevant to me on the path I am slowly but surely walking on. I really wanted to make this to keep track of the scans I’ve been doing on my son and my boyfriend though.

Last week I was practicing scanning because I thought it was a pretty cool thread and I wanted to be able to jump in sometimes lol. I followed the tutorial I found on here and honestly saw some very interesting things during my scan of my son in particular.

He’s still just a little guy, not even a year old, and while he was napping peacefully I thought it would be a good time to try. He’s quite the mover so it seemed easier to do this while he was down :joy:

For a moment nothing really happened but slowly an image came into my mind. The wide open sea and my little tiny man alone in a wooden boat. The ocean grew choppy and soon the waves were knocking the boat all around. Before I could really process the anxiety this caused me to feel, my child alone and helpless in this huge scary ocean, I saw a back rising from the depths.

It looked like a huge blueish green serpent and it lifted this small boat onto its back. It rose above the water slightly and seemed to skim across it. Keeping my baby safe and dry. It moved swiftly through the waves, each time rising and falling to avoid getting the child on its back wet. It ended up at a sandy shore where it sort of flopped him and his boat off lol. Up a path I could see a stone temple of sorts surrounded by bright yellow and red roses.

I thought this was pretty cool! I’m not sure what it means but I thought maybe it’s a guardian of sorts to him. I’d like to think so. I felt a massive love towards him while seeing these quick flashes and like he had something protecting him always. It was a lovely thing to see and feel :heart:

So I thought I’d create a little journal to document this and the other things I’ve seen so far along with any other random things I see fit! If anyone reads this and happens to see any significance in what I saw I would love to hear your opinion!

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The second time I scanned him I once again saw the sea. This serpent shows up each time! Well, I’ve only done it twice but hey… :woman_shrugging:t4: Lol

The second time, which was on Tuesday, I saw the ocean. It was clam and still. Then a large face of a serpent once again. It was a shimmering blue and green color with yellow tendrils next to his mouth. It’s eyes were a bright yellow and it simply stared at me. That was it but I thought it was pretty neat I saw the same thing and got a better look at it. It’s a beautiful creature and I get the sense it’s male, though I could be wrong lol I’m still getting the hang of this. Now I do question myself as I usually do. I’m not sure if I saw it again because of what I saw last time or if I am scanning correctly. But I’m having fun and I feel like I’m learning so I will continue!

My boyfriends was much different and a little darker somehow.

I saw a cliff against the night sky and then I saw him in a dark room. He was looking at me and from the side of him a skeletal woman leaned out, her hair was long and dark and she kind of resembled my dia de Los muertos tattoo I have lol (first thing that popped into my mind when I saw her), she made a quick shushing motion towards him, her hand coming up to her lips when she leaned into him. She looked at me and then faded back into the darkness that was around us. She didn’t seem negative or anything. Sort of just observing and telling him to shut up lol.

His was short and the images happened pretty quickly. Again, not sure what it means but hopefully keeping track I’ll be able to learn :blush: