Journal for Lucifer and Belial

Hello to anyone who ends up reading! This is my first thread aside from my introduction.

I joined this forum maybe two months after starting to research Lucifer, feeling called to him.
About a week and a half ago I came across Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield, and connected deeply! That’s when i joined this forum also. A few days later I did a ritual with Valak (who helped immensely!), and felt good about testing the waters of demonic work. I’ve been studying witchcraft and spirituality since I was 7 years old, and it’s been thrilling to connect to something still pretty new to me.

I say this to say that as soon as I read DoM I have been hearing Belial’s name in my head! Multiple times a day! I have been spending every morning for five days now with Lucifer, reciting his enns and making some small offerings in my style.
Today I FINALLY started to look into Belial, and I feel like He is pleased by this.
I’ve been reading the different posts y’all have so graciously made from your own knowledge and experiences and am encouraged by them.
I am not new to working with deities, or personal healing work with angels at all, but Demons and the various schools of ritual I am fairly unfamiliar with.
I welcome any insights you all have! I’ve been researching pretty nonstop bc I am home from work during this craziness.


Best of luck, are you gonna keep this as a working journal? Or do you want insights only?

I am always a supporter of changing the rituals in books slightly to your preferrable method.It helps with things I cant provide which rituals demand, and it raises (at least to me) success rate.I mean, this isnt science after all that two can do exact same and get exact same.But GOM managed to simplify magick pretty much to do point it can work for any with a bit of knowledge.


Hey Goodluck in your work, Another book you may find useful is Lucifer and the hidden demons by Theodore rose, I would say its even simpler method of lathworkingpathworking, I am new to all this myself.

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Thank you! I will definitely check that one out also. Good luck to you on your path!

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Thank you! I am going to do my best to keep it updated as a journal, and continue to welcome insights. I’m glad to have people to talk to about it!
I am going to try the GoM rituals in the book totally as they have it outlined as well, I really like how it flows.

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Okay! A bit of an update. I am very eclectic and I always listen to my guides when starting something new. I thought I might share a (very long) meditation/minor ritual I did for myself yesterday!
It’s a bit rambling.
I will also add my notes about Belial so far! And Lucifer! Since that’s what this journal is supposed to be for.


Last night I drew his sigil, meditated on it, staring into it, chanting on and off until I felt a connection

I can’t describe it other than the sigil blurring totally and pulling me in?

I tried to recall GoM evocation keys from the DoM book, and felt that what i recalled was helpful

I explained that i wanted to actually know Belial to whatever extent I would be allowed to do so over time

I want to become a stronger/more powerful witch. I want to know better and do better, know myself more and rise in the way I want/need to

I don’t want to be in power over a ton of people I don’t care for race or rank or anything like that

I told him that I wasn’t afraid but I wasn’t stupid either, I would welcome his lessons and being humbled

In the beginning I had called the angels and the demons per element to make two cones or discs, one of light and one of darkeness

I see two serpents circling, twisting entwined. I saw this yesterday also. Calling light and dark seems to call both serpents together

At times i felt i was seeing the shadow of a massive man with horns, a thick neck and broad shoulders

Stocky but fit. And MASSIVE. And that was like a shade of a shadow.

I FELT his presence hearing me, I swear. I felt something that I haven’t encountered before. I had a shitty headache for the next twenty minutes until bed.

I slept with his sigil under my pillow. I don’t recall my dreams though I know I had them.

I woke up a few times, and I almost gave up around 4:30/5 but I didn’t

My best sleep was probably 5:30-7:30, and 8-8:15 lmao. Lots of hot flashing!!!

I know I was speaking to people in my dreams but don’t remember what about or who really

I vaguely recall the alt Superman from gods and monsters, but we watched three cartoon movies yesterday

Lucifer Chronicles

4/7 what is a journey stone? I’ve been thinking of Lucifer all day, and figuring out a way to gently call out to His energy. This is something I’ve been dancing around, in and out of in research for a few months but feels like forever. I feel like I’ve touched a piece of my spiritual journey I’ve been forever working toward. Dancing lightly between Lucifer and demons until I danced away my misconceptions of self, power, divinity, duality.

Anyway. As I lay down to meditate I heard carry a journey stone and saw Tiger’s eye in my hand, so I remembered I had one in the nightstand drawer and grabbed it, and fell asleep holding it

4/11 @ 8:18

Hit myself with boiling hot water

Bitch for a second

“You poured it carelessly. Careless actions lead to careless results.”

4/14 8:35

I spent the last hour and a half working on Lucifer stuff

Today I took a different approach, and outside at sunrise I just spoke to him. I realized that with Him and so many other entities I was looking at them for where they could provide me with something in an area I considered a deficit. I wasn’t giving myself or stephen due shit, as I need to continually appreciate us both and I need to just push myself and communicate more. If i want a spirit partner that’s fine but I need to look at the real reasons of that and fairly

If you want a friend, teacher, guide, challenger then say that

I wrote him my own invocation prayer thing, and drew his sigil in my journal taking up 3/4 of the page

I activated it with chanting and a couple small drops of blood

In a separate note is the reading, with questions and cards. I get the feeling I should just ask those questions in meditation also, as I haven’t. The couple times i was feeling discouraged like he wasn’t there I had the feeling he was, just very slightly

But more real this time today also

Okay, so I just added a lot lol. On the 7th day of my morning Lucifer devotions is the day I finally began researching Belial, and I feel almost led to him.

The first of my Lucifer notes the other day

Lucifer chronicles (part one)

4/13/2020 (4-4-4)

I woke up at 1 something and tried to go back to sleep until 1:13

Rain or something tapping on both sides of the room was keeping me up

I would say i decided to do a Lucifer ritual but it was also just like…what I needed to do? It was just there in my brain?

So I set up at His little altar, with three tea lights and the dragon’s blood candle, rose buds, dragon’s blood pieces, and incense

I proceeded to follow C Kendall’s initiation ritual, meditation, modified ritual, and litany

While reciting enns I crumbled five rose buds and a couple small pieces of dragon’s blood into cauldron

After meditating and reciting His enns, I burned the sigil paper in my cauldron (outside, while reciting enns still)

I did feel moments of connection, especially burning the sigil and herbs outdoors

At 2:45 am I went back to bed but couldn’t sleep

I kept having three exes come to mind, and it felt like Lucifer’s concern at my history of rapid interest and release

So I reflected, asked forgiveness, just kinda reviewed myself, and presented cases like Aja and Stephen where I’ve grown and my relationships are very strong because of it

I keep hearing bits of a song, it’s like synth and I can’t remember what from

I was thinking briefly about 9/11 and I’m not sure why

Last night I had the feeling that He wanted me to see the sunrise, so I had actually set my alarm for 6:40 in case of 7am rising. When I got up I had the feeling I wouldn’t go back to sleep even though I really tried (from 2:45-3:32)

Now it is 3:52, I’ve made a refresher pot of yesterday’s coffee and am burning His candle. I’ll put offering rum in the coffee and recite His litany again, and enjoy the sunrise when it comes later.

I may even burn a third stick of incense this morning! I’m looking forward to working at my other altar, but I’m enjoying this dedication work very much. It’s something I’ve never done!

I’m grateful to my guides and angels for the reassurance, I’m grateful for the Goddesses/Sacred Feminine for the work. I’m grateful to the little bits I’ve received from Lucifer, like the black smoke (in blue journal), the snake visitation (at heritage park), notes not to be careless.

It’s 3:55! A bird is singing and there’s crazy pressure in my temples, now my left eye, then back left of head. So weird.

Coffee time!

It is 9am, I finally slept after 7am

I chanted his Enns over my coffee with the rum over and over

I fall in and out of a sleepy meditation trance and wish I had recorded it then

I remember two weird scenes this time

One was of a multilayered cake (five layers) it had strawberries I think on it

And vanilla cream frosting

And the second and third cake from the top came apart off their dowels and such and there was a ring there

The second one was Elrond giving his daughter the necklace that has her immortality and then her giving it to Vigo’s character

I checked the hours for the day, the Astro stuff for the day, continued to drink the coffee.

Satisfied that I had done everything I could I finally went back to bed until 8:50.

It’s been a little while since I added to this!! Normally around this time of day I would be cooking a late breakfast after my meditation, invocations, and shower…but I woke up late and I have to work. I
A few minutes ago I lit my usual morning incense for Lucifer, and poured his offering of rum outside.
He reminded me that I haven’t updated this in a couple weeks and I ought to.

Okay…so I actually paused this journal entry and left it until today!
So much has already happened since I got started. Yesterday my head was swimming.
Lucifer and Beelzebub are both very strong energies, and they are putting me through it (it being myself).
I had never knowingly encountered parasites or anything like them. All yesterday and they day before my head was cloudy, i felt spiritually blurred and drained, and like old issues were coming up. I was even craving alcohol for the first time in quite a long time!
I was lucky enough to have a float session. The only clear and real Meditation moment was when Lilith Painted me with vertical white stripes and rolled me into a deep crevice, saying i would understand soon.

Whew! I got cloudier and fuzzier from there! To the point where even when I prayed to Luc I wasn’t sure what was happening. Suddenly last night I began to catch on.
I used a selenite wand to clear my energy, drank water, and pretty immediately slept.

Lucifer and Beelzebub (who I am believing is also Belial) seem glad though.
I need to understand the weight and power of my own imagination and its ability to muddle things. I am being blessedly humbled lol.
Even though I’ve put in the work to heal and transform I still need to discipline my mind further, so that I might expand it more.